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Monday, August 11, 2014

Other Stuff

I promise you I am not turning into a lifestyle blogger. It's just that my runs haven't been very "noteworthy" lately and there has been a lot of other stuff going on in my life. So... that's what I'm going to write about.

Mr. Bloom could write a lifestyle blog that would be worth reading.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened last week was a delivery for The KoB.

The KoB's new ride.

Yes, The KoB bought a house and a car in the same month. WHO DOES THAT? To be fair... he only bought the house, so he'd have a garage for her. So...

Here she is topless. 
I joked that he needs to get a license plate that says...
"My other woman is a HUMAN."

Turns out, the only thing worse than waiting around a month from the time he looked at the corvette to the time she was delivered.... is waiting around on new tires, the tags, insurance, etc OMFG I just want to ride around in her for more than 10 minutes at time for chrissakes!.

I was away in Asheville, NC this weekend for my annual "drinkfest" (which we are now dubbing waterfest, because we are old and lame) with college friends. I'll do a post on that this week, because... ya know... automatic blog content!
 VERT, bro!
I actually just drove to the scenic overlook and 
hopped out of MY CAR and took a picture. 
No vert running. I'm a lazy sea level runner.


I am trying to decide whether or not to switch cell phones. I've had an iphone for a couple of years now and it's comfortable and pretty easy to use... but I HATE the email function. The way my email is set up with my work computer and the lack of ability on the iphone to "select all" and delete all old emails... It constantly looks like I have over 2,000 emails.

2,069 emails! UGGGGGHHHH!
So annoying!

But, I do like to facetime my mom and I'm nervous about converting my itunes over to a Droid. Ack! Decisions! The good news is... it's become pretty clear that my phone isn't really all that important to my life. It's nice to have email on it and internet, but really, 90% of my cell phone usage is for texting. So, I could probably deal with having an old school flip phone or something.


Something that actually is running related.. I am planning on running 30 miles this week! HOLY CRAP.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to use that Mail app. There are a variety of others that are much better (i.e. Gmail).

Carina said...

What year is the car? My husband cost me half-ownership of a 72 vette that would have been a done deal. I have an iphone and I use the mail thing, but I only have about 600 unread between my 4 accounts. My work email only pulls the last 2 weeks, which kind of sucks since I frequently want older stuff, but that's set by the company I think. But the 600 number doesn't bother me. I also have something like 38 unread texts and about 20 voicemails. But I have enough trouble with my work VM and they pay me to listen to that, I can't be expected to check my personal VM too -- I just return calls to anyone who called that I want to talk to.

Gracie said...

That Corvette is gorgeous! My husband would die! He's a huge car fan...his '66 Mustang drowned in Katrina :(

Semen Rendi said...

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Amy said...

With a name like Semen and a cat avatar. I cannot delete this spambot comment.

Amy said...

Anon: Good advice! I actually hate gmail too, though. I hate the "conversation" threading that it does. Basically, I am a bitch who is never content with her email. (Although I did LOVE my blackberry's email. RIP Blackberry).

Carina: It's a 1977! And I'd like to hear the story of how your husband cost you half-ownership. And holy crap VM is the bane of my existence.

Gracie: Awwwwww... I am sad for your husband. May his mustang RIP.

I never thought I'd use RIP twice in one comment.