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Monday, August 4, 2014

My Expectations

So, here we are. It's August and I am officially 13 weeks away from my goal race: The Team Nashville 10 Miler. Because I am a coach's nightmare dream, I pretty much always fire off an email to Coach with all my hopes, dreams, desires, and expectations for my training on day zero.

 How I feel after carefully drafting that email.

And then Coach responds with a... "back off, bitch." Actually, she usually says something like.. "oh, that's cute. You think you know how to train yourself." BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Not so fast, Amy.

Anyway, there are a few things that I think will be core components of my training:


Course Elevation Map.

There are 3 pretty decent hills in this race. And the one there around mile 9.5 feels like Mt. Everest. So, I'm hoping to do a lot of training on the actual race course and I hope to try to incorporate running hills towards the end of a long run. Just to simulate the feeling of racing for 9.5 miles and then hitting a terrible hill when you're legs are already done-zo.


I know it's not going to come for awhile. But I am really looking forward to seeing what types of "sharpening" workouts I do in late September/October. I've really only done Marathon and Half Marathon training, so, I'm curious what types of workouts a shorter race will bring.

I say this in every pre-training email to Coach: I'm going to do yoga 2-3 times a week and try to get into a strength training regime!!!! Yay!!!

And then I'll do yoga like 3 times and that's it.

I've got all kinds of excuses for not cross-training. But, the bottom line is... I think for a shorter/faster race like this... a little core work and some muscle toning/strengthening could REALLY help. So, I am legitimately going to try to do some push-ups and some yoga fairly consistently during these weeks. AT LEAST twice a week. HOLD ME TO IT, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

I've only been running about 20-25 miles a week lately. So... while all these other components are dancing around in my head, the reality of the situation TODAY is that I.... uhhh... need to get my mileage up a bit. So, most of August will be focused on that.


Melanie said...

My 10-mile PR is still from that race - it's totally possible! I was probably in the best shape I ever was when I did it... I just looked up my old time and I think I'd be doing good if I could even get within 30 minutes of it now... but I remember the day well because I had a pacer and felt like a rock star. For whatever reason, I ran straight up that hill like it was nothing. I think compared to PWP and other hills I've run over and over, I was able to get myself in the mindset that the one hill was really not so bad... Maybe it was mind over matter, but it worked. All this to say - I think you can do it! We aren't going to be in town that weekend or else we'd come cheer you on, but we're cheering you on in spirit. AND we move back in 22 days, so I'll be around if you ever want a running buddy! (Well, on an easy day... I can't keep up with you now on a hard workout!)

Amy said...

Thanks! When I PRed there last year, I was so close to my goal, that I knew I couldn't slip any on that hill or I'd risk not coming in under 1:20. I think that made it feel even harder. But, I've never been good on hills and generally try to avoid hilly routes if at all possible... so, more likely it was that. Haha.