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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It finally happened!

The last time I ran 30+ miles in a week was the week of June 9-15th. I finally broke my streak... I crossed over into 30 miles last week!!
Boo ya!

I must be completely honest... there was some walking in my 10 mile long run on Sunday. And as much as I would LOVE to use the excuse of humidity or dehydration... it was just a case of "WAHHHHH..." Crybaby/Out of Shape Amy not really wanting to run anymore. Thankfully, the route was an out and back, so I was forced to get the mileage. 

I am really hoping that this gets me over the hump of getting back into training mode. 

I've decided to tweak my training schedule a bit. While my little Mr. Leopold Bloom brings me such happiness....
 He loves getting in the bed while I'm trying to make it up.
So, I just end up making the bed around him.

He has presented a bit of a snag to my routine. He wants ALL THE ATTENTION in the mornings. So, it's hard for me to leave him and go for runs in the morning. In the afternoons he could care less about me. And in the past, I've been trying to force him into my schedule, but, I think now, I'm going to try to adjust my schedule to fit him and I think it will work a lot better. Yes, clearly he is the boss of me.

So, my plan is to switch from being a mostly morning runner... to an afternoon runner.  I'll still jog around with Leo for a couple miles in the morning during the week because he enjoys it. And, I already run on Monday and Wednesday afternoons with the KoB, so, I'll just add in another couple of evening runs. It will be much easier to do this training for a 10 mile race as opposed to a marathon, because, I'm assuming I won't be running 45+ miles for lots and lots of weeks. So, running 6-8 miles on weeknights after work will be no big deal.

Also, hopefully, since I am at my core a morning person... having my mornings free-ish, will encourage me to do some yoga and pushups and stuff. In theory.

I will obviously still do my long runs in the morning, because... ain't no body got time to do that shit in the evenings. But, I think this schedule will cause me a lot less stress.

It finally feels like I am actually back at training now. I'm even thinking of doing my 10 mile long run this  weekend on the race course to get myself geared up for the training. Let's do this, bitches!

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Gracie said...

Whenever I try the whole, "I'll do X now and Y later so I can do stretching/core/hip stabilizing in the morning" - I just read blogs in the morning. Hope you do better than I do.