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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Favorites

This is going to be a dump of a post wherein I talk about my favorite things from the month, as if I were some kind of consumer guru or something.

Favorite ACTIVITY:
Whitewater Rafting the Ocoee

The picture is not of my raft, because holy hell not only do you pay $98 per person for a trip. But then they have the audacity to charge you $54 for a cd of your pictures AND ask you to tip your guide. Um. Wut? Despite the price gouging the trip was an absolute blast. If it wasn't an exhausting all day excursion to get there, I would probably quit my job to become a guide and raft that sucker 5 days a week. But it is WAY far away from Nashville. We left at like 8:30 in the morning and got home just after midnight. Anyway, it was so much fun. I'm pretty sure all I did was sit in the back and giggle like a maniac while simultaneously kneeing The KoB in the back. (I laugh hysterically when I am nervous/anxious).

Favorite SONG: 

Burnin' it Down by Jason Aldean

I d/led this song WHILE DRIVING to Asheville and listened to it about a zillion times on the ride because my mom's car stereo is freaking awesome. USB ports in cars???? Whoa. I don't even think USB's were a thing when my car was made in 2002.

*I included this pic of Jason Aldean because I just wanted to say that probably my least favorite song of the month is a little ditty called Hannah Montana by a rapper Migos. Watch the video. You'll be chanting HANNAH MONTANA all day. Seriously... it's a song about Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. And it's ridiculous and frustratingly catchy.

Favorite TV SHOW:

The Americans

Holy Moly. BEST SHOW EVER. I've only seen one season (Season 2 isn't on dvd yet), but my interest and love for this show is almost as great as it was/is for The Wire. If you aren't watching the Americans. You need to be. SO GOOD! Such a great premise and so weird to be rooting for Russians. Like. Really weird. Plus the cars and clothes... OMG you gotta watch it.

Runner up:

Bojack Horseman.

Just watch it. I can't explain it.

Favorite DRINK:

Illusive Traveler Shandy

It's no secret that I am not a fancy beer drinker. I hate the taste of hops and I would pick a Miller High Life or a Beast Ice over pretty much any other beer in the world. (There are a COUPLE of exceptions: Innis and Gunn and Yazoo Dos Perros being the only two basically). However, Liz and I met for drinks this weekend and this beer was introduced to us and WOW. Delicious.

Favorite FOOD: 

Blue Mountain Pizza and Brew Pub

If you ever find yourself in Weaverville, NC you should go here immediately. Although, no one ever finds themselves in Weaverville, so instead... if you ever find yourself in Asheville, NC and don't mind driving 25 minutes to eat some DELICIOUS pizza... then go here. While I might not be a beer connoisseur, I do know my pizza and this place was legit.

Books finished/started and thoughts:  I finished Ken Follett's World Without End in August: FANTASTIC of course. And also read Lee Smith's Guests on Earth which was absolutely wonderful for the first 150 pages or so.. and then completely burned out for the last half. Currently in the middle of a book about Russian hikers who died in 1959 called Dead Mountain. So good!

Favorite MOVIE:

The African Queen

I must admit, I am not the biggest Humphrey Bogart fan. But I am a HUGE Katharine Hepburn fan. I never watched this movie because the plot synopsis sounds boring and crazy as shit:

In Africa during WW1, a gin-swilling riverboat owner/captain is persuaded by a strait-laced missionary to use his boat to attack an enemy warship.

Ummmm. Wut? That shit sound cray. But, on a whim, I gave it a whirl and was completely and utterly entranced for the whole movie. Brilliant! I loved it. That Katie Hepburn.... man, she was a real movie star.

Things I hate:

Summer is practically over. It has gone wayyyy too fast this year. Boooo.

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Carina said...

LOVE The Americans. We've watched it from the start and are so ready for the next season! DVR it if you can so you can get caught up after you watch season 2 on DVD. It's on FX and it starts again in January.
I'm with you on fancy beers (my first choice is usually Miller Lite), but I also love a good shandy.
Dead Mountain sounds interesting, I'm going to add it to my list.