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Thursday, May 1, 2014

State of my Running

When I decided to quit BQ training in favor of my sanity back in early March, I felt really guilty about giving up a perfectly perfect block of training time just because I didn't feel like training. And now, a couple of days before the Pig, I still feel pretty guilty about it. I feel guilty that I wasted a few months and I feel weak because I couldn't push through the malaise and just get my ass out the door to train.

Sadly, this spring was a snooze train for 1.
Just me.

Should I even be running The Pig this weekend? Uh. Probably not. But, I'm basically just using it as a training run for the Grand Canyon. I also desperately want to be inspired to start training again. So, it would be nice to have a good day that inspires me to get back on the training wagon.

Possible scenarios for The Pig:
1. I get in the corral and see a pacer holding a 3:40 sign and think.... HMMM... Maybe I'll just try. And then I try. And after about 7 miles I start to continually slip behind until I'm completely toast and then hating myself around mile 18.
Probable finish time: 4:09 (If I'm lucky).

2. I get in the corral and start out slow and continue to run slow all the while telling myself... ohhhh you aren't trained for this race. You are just getting a training run in for the Grand Canyon. WHO CARES?
Probable finish time: 4:15

3. I start conservative. VERY conservative and then at mile 14 I start trying to whittle my way down to practice a negative split.
Probable finish time: 3:59

Obviously, my hope is for #3. It would be quite nice to run under 4 hours with a negative split. But, if hopes and dreams were candy and nuts, it would be Christmas year round. Or something like that? The truth of the matter is, I have NO idea what kind of shape I'm in fitness wise. So... this is going to be a real crapshoot. (But hopefully not literally).


Carina said...

That gif with the cat trying to get in the tent is awesome. At my desk, my keyboard tray is basically right on my lap if I'm leaning back in my chair, so it kept jiggling and making all this noise as I quietly laughed at that cat.
My issue is that if I'm not going to PR, I tend to just throw up my hands and not give a flip, and then I end up around 4:30. I hate it. I need to push to stay steady and have a solid run even when it's not a PR day for whatever reason.
But what most haunts me from this post: "I felt really guilty about giving up a perfectly perfect block of training time just because I didn't feel like training." Ugh. I'm on the verge of writing off the fall, but I'm worried about exactly that. It's not like I'm getting any younger, so I feel like laziness, out-of-shapeness, or general disinclination isn't really a good reason to write off an entire season. Still trying to figure it out...

Amy said...

Yeah, I'm usually with you on the... if I'm not going to PR, then eff it. BUT, all the people I'm going with are going to be waiting on me to finish. So, that gives me some motivation to not pussyfoot around too much (oh god. I just jinxed myself!!).

Sounds like we are both in a Post PR (but not the time we had hoped for) funk. I hope we both shake it soon!