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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ummm. Wow.

Okay, so, on Tuesday I got this really nice email from something called the Salty Running Blog. The email said that my blog would be competing in this NCAA tournament style competition to decide who the GREATEST WOMEN'S RUNNING BLOG is. I was like... wow, okay, that's cool. But, there is no fucking way that I am the best women's running blog, so I kind of left it alone.

Then Wednesday, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check out the tournament. Turns out I am a 7 seed against a 2 seed. I checked out my competition and I was like... wow... this bitch has her shit together. I voted for myself (because... uhhh... I didn't want to lose with 0 votes) and went on about my day.

I wish I was this adorable while working.
Shiba Inu for the win.

To be honest, I was flattered that I was in the tournament and I had NO idea how they found out about my little bitchy blog. But, I'm not really the GO OUT AND VOTE FOR ME campaign type person, so, I just assumed that I'd lose in the first round. I realize that the idea is I'm supposed to announce on my blog that I'm in this tournament and that I'm supposed to ask all 6 of you fair readers to go out and vote for me! But... you know me... I'm not going to do that.

And I wasn't even going to mention the darn thing, until I read the post on Meredith's blog that SHE is the one that nominated me!!!!!! And. Wow. I don't give a rat's ass about winning a tournament (let's be honest here... Greatest Women's Running Blog? Yeah, that's not me), but I was genuinely touched and amazed that she took the time to actually nominate me AND then write a post on her own blog about it.


The thing is... Meredith has always been one of my favorite bloggers. She's fast, she's honest (this is fucking huge to me, I hate those sugarcoaty blogs), and she's real. She's a mom and a wife and a runner and has a job. Like... that's legit, folks.

You ever get that feeling that someone is following you?
Yeah, I promise, that's not me.

Anyway... thanks Meredith! Hopefully at some point we'll get a chance to meet again when we're not all awkward. (For the record, I immediately went back and found April and was like.... GUESS WHO I JUST MET??? OMG! And then we geeked out for like 10 minutes about it. Oh and Dave, too! I was psyched to meet Dave. But, yeah, mostly, Meredith).

And, in an effort to pay it forward... check out her blog AND all the blogs I have listed in my blogroll

 These are all people I respect and enjoy reading their blogs!!


Meredith said...

Awww. My favorite stalker. :) You're awesome Amy! Love love love ya!

Amy said...

Fave Stalker! YES!

Seriously though, I totes appreciate the love!