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Monday, March 31, 2014

A Slow Start to a Good Week

Fair warning... this may be the last time you hear from me till next week. I have dubbed this upcoming week... HELL WEEK. Which means that I am attempting to spend this week getting all caught up at work. My goal is to have every tax return that is currently in my to do stack (I am hovering at about 33 right now) and all returns that come in during the course of the week (I'm expecting about 5, so, you can be sure that it will be 10+) finished by friday night. In and of itself, that should NOT be an impossible task. But, add my regular day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll preparation, and end of the month financials that I have to prepare and this is a monumental task and I might just keel over and die from caffeine intake.

My thoughts pretty much everyday from March 1-April 15th.

But... you don't care about my work. You are just as busy with all the shit you're doing, too... so, let's talk running, shall we?

Last week started off ROUGH. Monday the KoB met me for our regular evening run and I... uhhh... had to stop after 2 miles because my stomach was all kinds of broken. Fun!

But, for the rest of the week, I rallied. I didn't get in any speedwork or really hard runs... but, I did get in 10 miles on the trails (in the rain) and 20 miles through the streets of hilly Nashville. Seriously, the run felt like we were running uphill the ENTIRE time. Have fun running the Country Music Marathon, bitches! I shouldn't tease... because The Pig is just as hilly or hillier, so trust... I'll have my own problems.

The 20 miler didn't really feel all that hard, but I was pretty shocked by how slow we were running it, based on the effort I was putting forth. I kind of have a 20 miler philosophy though. The first 20 miler of a marathon season... I just want to survive it. I feel like if I can just get the miles done, then it's a success. After that... I'm all about watching my pace during the run or whatever. So, I was really pleased when I finished. Plus, as I tried to remind Melissa, time on our feet is probably more important training for the Grand Canyon anyway!

It was a good week for running. Hope I can ride this momentum train through this week, too...

Have a good week y'all and if I don't see ya again for a few days, I'll definitely be back to posting next week, if I'm still alive!


Gracie said...

Totally all about surviving the first 20! Honestly, all about surviving any 20-miler....they so intimidate me.

Carina said...

Good luck this week! I am hereby adopting your 20 mile philosophy for the first 20 of each season for the rest of my running life. I love it.

Amy said...

Gracie: I hear ya. But for some reason... that first one always seems the scariest.

Carina: Thanks! And glad you like my 20 philosophy.