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Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 5 Review

On paper, week 5 looked quite scary. It was the first week of this training cycle with lots of miles and workouts.

Thankfully, it was worse on paper than in actuality.

The workouts weren't long and I still got a day off. Can't really complain.

Monday and Wednesday: Easy runs.

Tuesday: 3 Miles around Marathon Pace or faster. This was pretty easy. But hot damn was it cold. The temperature wasn't that bad, so I guess I didn't really dress appropriately, it was probably the coldest I've been on a run this winter. 

Thursday: Hilly-ish 10 miler. I ran sort of the same route I always run, but I tried to concentrate on the hills, instead of just slogging through them.

Friday: OFF (Spent Friday night gorging myself on chocolates and chocolate chip cookies). Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday: 3-4 miles at Marathon Pace. Man, I just could not get excited about this run. I got up, took Mr. Bloom to daycare and then kind of putzed around the house for awhile. Finally, I got my ass out the door and the run felt better than I anticipated. This was the first of many Marathon Pace runs the day before a log run. FUN TIMES AHEAD.

The rest of Saturday included looking for a winter parka (no dice), buying an iron, drinking high gravity beers while watching Long Way Round episodes and then finishing up the night at Rotier's eating lots of delicious fried food. It was a good day.

Sunday: 18 miles 16.5 mile long run. Meh. This wasn't too bad. I should have kept running when I found out it was short, but I had already stopped for a second and mentally I was checked out.

Sunday after the run, the bitches and sonsabitches went to brunch for Coach Bitch's birthday and then I went home and cleaned and threw away a ton of shit, took Leo over to a friend's house for a playdate, ironed about a zillion shirts while watching the first couple of episodes of Homeland. And then went to bed EARLY.

It was a good week. Lots of miles, quality time with The KoB and friends, and oh yeah.. I BECAME AN AUNT! And I may have already bought an "My Aunt is My BFF" onesie and a bathing suit for her for the river this summer.


wesa121 said...

I'm going to check out the Long Way Round. I hate most TV, but this show looks promising. It seems to be on Hulu too!

Amy said...

wesa: I really recommend it! Although, to be honest, we only watched a bit of the first episode and completely skipped the second. (I didn't really care about the planning/logistical part)! Be warned though... you will want to book a trip to Kazakhstan after watching!

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