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Friday, November 1, 2013

Race Report: Rock and Road Marathon Relay

We will take any chance we get to 
wear our shirts and be obnoxious.

For this second year of the Bitch Relay the bitches came into the race feeling a little weak. For one, there were just more all female teams this year and two, a couple of the bitches were feeling like they wouldn't be able run as well as they had last year. 

So, instead of strutting around cocky and whatnot, we kinda slinked around before the race, looking for tape to cover up the "Schooling" on the back of shirts.
"Bitches Since 2012"
Seemed fitting.

We outwardly decided that we would just have fun and not worry about our times.... but, I think internally, all the bitches were planning on doing some schooling in whatever way they could this year.


Melissa Bitch started us out again and basically ran the same as she did last year. LIKE A BOSS. Then she proceeded to actually PUT the house arrest tracker on me FOR ME:
Run 8 miles on a hellacious course and then
BEND DOWN to put the tracker on me?
Now, that's bitch teamwork.

Last year, I ran my 8 mile trail section in 1:30. My goal for this year, was to beat that time. After the first 10 minutes or so, my heart rate finally settled down and I felt like I was able to run "fast." It felt like I was running 7:45s on the trails, but I was still getting passed by EVERYONE.

 Meanwhile, back at the bitch base:
I have no idea what the fuck was going on.

I kept pushing and running as hard as I could, while still being careful on the trails. To be fair, the trails were in GREAT shape. I ALMOST had fun out there.
I ended up finishing my leg in 1:24!!!!!
A 6 minute PR for an 8 mile leg!

And then I died. 
This is exactly how I felt.

I was thrilled to be done with my leg. I quickly changed clothes, took some shots of bourbon!!!! and was just fucking relieved to be done with racing for the day.

The KoB. Cheering.

Coach Bitch came flying down the hill and into the exchange with an AWESOME time. And she handed off to Cheryl while the rest of us made our way over to the finish line.
Bitches in transition.
Schooling, etc.

It was at this point that we realized we might be in contention for 3rd place again. We all anxiously awaited Cheryl's arrival to the finish line (and by anxiously awaited, I mean, we shoved wraps and cookies down our pie holes and bragged on ourselves). We saw her come in looking STRONG and we finished the race with almost the exact time we had last year!
Bitches be schooling.

Turns out not only did Cheryl have to run her ass off to finish, but she had to deal with another female team CUTTING the course and getting in front of her. Bitches don't take kindly to cheaters, so of course Cheryl plowed them over and secured the bitches a 3rd place win!!!!

Bitches 4Eva!

It was a fun day. The Sonsabitches came out to cheer and support us (thanks Jeff for taking photos!) and we surprised ourselves by kicking ass*.

*Why that was a surprise, I have no idea.

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Cheryl said...

Awesome fun day with the bitches.. already looking forward to next year's race "in our park"! And you remember afterwards in my car drinking bourbon when my heat didn't work? Turns out I needed a new water pump.. blargh!!