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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BQ Training Week 5

First of all, just typing that last week was week 5 put me into a panic mode. HOLYFUCKINGSHIT I've only got like 11 weeks left!

Ummm. Okay. Back to the topic at hand: LAST WEEK.

Last week was a bit of a cut back week, but to my relief, I still got to run over 50 miles. My coach is awesome.

Intervals: 4x1600s at Marathon Pace.
Mid-week long run: 12 miles
Long run: 18 miles with the last 4 cutting down to Marathon Pace.

My interval workout went really well. For one, since it was mile repeats (MY FAVORITE!!), I skipped the track and went to the park instead. Take THAT Belmont Men's Soccer Team! It was nice to do a workout where I wasn't filled with rage and dodging soccer balls the entire time. Extra bonus: I ran into The KoB and his Tuesday morning workout crew and he ran the last two with me. I ran them too fast (of course) and walked around the rest of the day feeling pretty fucking awesome.

Boom bitches. Marathon Pace? Try Half Marathon Pace.

And then my awesomeness turned into a slogfest of regret when I attempted my mid-week 12 miler and I realized, um. yeah. okay, scale it back a bit on those track days, bitch. The KoB got roped into volunteered to run most of that run with me and even though it felt like we were running a decent pace, every mile split was very easy pace. I was disappointed.

I also went into full bitch mode when he routed the course differently than I had expected. I get a little cranky when I think I'm almost done and then someone tells me we have to go to x,y,z to get the mileage. WTF? WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ALMOST DONE. Thankfully, The KoB didn't push me into oncoming traffic like he should have but, uh, he will probably think twice about volunteering to run one of those runs with me again.

Cue: cute puppy gif as penance.

I was psyched about the long run, because the Strider's had a training run planned for Saturday but then rain was predicted and they moved the run to Sunday instead of Saturday.
Yes, I'm trying to see how many gifs I can put into one post.
Spoiler: this is last one, so I guess only 4. 
I had Saturday night plans that involved drinking and eating gluten, so I convinced Steve to meet me for 8 of the miles on Saturday morning. I left my house a little after 6 and ran down to Shelby Bottoms which is surprisingly ONLY 5 miles from my house. Even though, in my head, it seems like it should be at least 8. 
The run went okay, but I just couldn't get my pace down to Marathon Pace. I tried to do it while I was running with Steve, because I knew that the 5 miles home were going to be mostly uphill. But, I just couldn't do it. On the way back I had to re-route because of a goddamn Color Run.
The Happiest 5K on the planet?
Are you shitting me?
Newsflash: 5Ks are supposed to be the devil's race.
They are supposed to fucking hurt like hell 
and you think you're going to die the whole time
and then the goddamn thing is over and you puke at the 
finish line and then eat 2-3 doughnuts. Cause.. Mmm... doughnuts.
Okay, see? Cranky, when I have to change my course at the end of a run.

I'm sorry, I think the color run is the most fucking ridiculous thing in the world. You pay $40 to walk/jog through stations that blow colored powder on you? This makes NO SENSE to me. You know how much corn starch and food coloring you can get for $40? Hell, I'll throw colored powder on you for $5 AND let you drink beer while you do it. I am clearly in the minority on this because there were hundreds of people at this "run." Wayyyyy more than any actual 5K I've ever ran. Yes, I am a fuddy duddy and generally just an all around asshole about most things. /rant.

I was pretty disappointed with my run on Saturday. I am frustrated that I just can't seem to nail the marathon pace miles in my long runs. Coach told me... DONT WORRY YOU HAVE 11 WEEKS OF TRAINING LEFT. And The KoB advised that I should make a clear-cut start time for the pace miles in advance instead of just starting the run and being like... ohhhh.. I'll start them at 13 or 14 or ya know.. WHENEVER. Cause Whenever usually turns into UhNever.

Overall, week 5 kinda sucked. But, it's over now and time to roll into week 6. 

P.S. Wow. I just re-read this post and uhh... yeah, it's quite bitchy. But, whatev. We all have those weeks.


Carina said...

I hate to even float the idea, but what about one run with MP on a treadmill? Would let you lock in the pace and maybe get a better feel for it? I totally hate the treadmill, but it could help and one measly run couldn't be toooo miserable, right?

Amy said...

Carina- This is a great idea! Although, luckily, I can hit my MP in all runs EXCEPT the long run. I'd rather shoot myself in the head than run a long run on a treadmill. 10 miles is about my max on a dreadmill.

Gracie said...

With you on the color run. I just DON'T GET IT. Why would people want to do this?

Amy said...

Whew. Glad I'm not the only one. I was beginning to think that I was just a mean ole unicorn dreams rainbows killer.

Melissa said...

"Hell, I'll throw colored powder on you for $5 AND let you drink beer while you do it."

Sounds like a party to me. Happiest race on earth take that mofo. pow! haha. that comment made my day.