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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


1. Training starts next week! I got a preview of what's to come from Coach and ummm... I realize I've been bitching and moaning for years about how I want to do MORE, run MORE, run HARDER, and now that I've gotten the green light, I am scared. But, I am also ALL IN.

Coach refers to this training as going "underground." Which, I realize is supposed to mean hardcore, but all I can think about when I think "underground" is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. TURTLE POWER.

2. Last weekend I ran the most awful 12 miler that I can remember. My friend Melissa and I slogged it out and bitched and complained about how terrible it was, and couldn't figure out why. I looked up the weather afterwards... when we started the temperature was 72 and the dewpoint was 70. W.T.F? No wonder we felt like shit on a stick. Good god the humidity has been terrible this year.

3. Also, the night before the 12 miler, I had a little bit of gluten: some pita bread and a couple of mini cookies and guess what... Pit stop around mile 7. GLUTEN, man. That shit hates running.

4. I had my first REAL BALD EAGLE sighting last weekend:

Look at that majestic motherfucker.

5. And, for the first time I caught more fish last weekend than the KoB.

Now I'm off to start stockpiling gifs of people bitching and whining to use for the next 16 weeks.

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