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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In Preparation

So, let's get real for a minute you guys. I told you a few weeks ago that I'm just going to go for it in December. I'm going to train to hopefully get my ass in shape to BQ in December. I'm sure many of you are like... WTF, bitch. That's a 20 minute PR... are you crazy? And my answer to that is, YES I AM A CRAZY ASS BITCH, ARE YOU NEW HERE OR SOMETHING?

While I am crazy, I am also realistic. I know that it's going to be really hard and I'm going to be really cranky for 16 weeks, but I think that there is a chance that I can make this goal a reality. If not, there are plenty of races in the winter/spring and I'll just pick myself up and continue on. That is essentially the story of my running life, thus far, anyway. 

A 20 minute PR is no joke, y'all. And I am not taking this lightly. I've already fired off an email to my coach about how I'm willing to do whatever the fuck it takes to get me in 3:34:59 shape by December and she probably responded with a big groan about how annoying I'm going to be for 16 weeks, but politely emailed me back with a LETS DO IT (paraphrased).

Unfortunately, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES means that I'm going to have actually DO things other than just run my ass off. Ohhhh... if running were that simple. I've targeted two main things to focus on aside from running:

1. Weight loss. This will likely be the last you hear about this, because I really hate it when running blogs turn into diet/weight loss blogs. But, I plan on weighing quite a bit less on race day and I have already started this process. Annnnnd... I'm already dying to stick my entire head into a vat of chocolate pudding and wash it all down with a keg full of beer. It's going to be a fabulous 16 weeks, bitches!

2. Cross Training/Strength Training (whatever the fuck you wanna call it). So, my goal is to spend the next 4 weeks gradually increasing the number of times I do strength training, so that in 4 weeks hopefully I'm up to doing:
Core Exercises specific for runners- 3 Times a week (15 minutes or so, no big)
Yoga- Twice a week (50 minute DVD)
Bonus- P90X Chest and Back DVD- Once a week.
Bonus- Ab Ripper X DVD- Once a week.

Of course, my initial reaction is to just start out doing all that TODAY, but that is a recipe for burnout disaster. So, I think spending 4 weeks and gradually incorporating those things will hopefully set me up for success. I also realize that this probably seems like nothing to some of you, but for me... IT'S A LOT and I'm exhausted just thinking about all the push-ups in that P90X DVD.Blarg.

The interesting thing and the thing that I think will keep me on track with both my diet and exercise, is that I'm not doing it for vanity purposes. My sole purpose of getting fit and toning up is to improve my running. And in response to that, I have posted the following inspirational photos on my fridge:

Lauren Fleshman

Amy Hastings

Kara Goucher

I used to post pictures of Victoria's Secret models on my fridge to keep me from just eating all the things... but, I think it's more fitting to be inspired by pictures of kick ass runners now. It's inspiring to know that these athletes work HARD at being fit and a good reminder that running isn't *just* about your legs (it's also about genetics, goddammit).

It's going to be a long, hard road. It's an ambitious goal and even though I'll have more chances at my 3:34, I REALLY want to be able to go for it in December. So, here we go.


Carina said...

Crazy never entered my mind! It's a tough goal but I have NO DOUBT you can do it! I noticed a huge difference in my times when I started regularly doing strength training/core work. Sounds like you have a great plan.

Cheryl said...

This bitch is IN to help kick your ass on our runs. Does this mean we will no longer meet for beers but have to have fruit tea or something instead?!

Amy said...

Carina: Thanks! And thanks for saying that about the strength training/core week. Gives me incentive to stick with it.

Cheryl: There will still be the occasional beers. Just not 3 Pacificos with dinner. And of course there will be bourbon.

Kristen Lawrence said...

Absolutely love the attitude. Nothing better than being aggressive and ambitious. Life is too short not too, right?! I like to tell myself "I'm not running for my health." ;) Good Luck and that picture of Kara Goucher is a favorite of mine.