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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Foam Roller: 
So, the KoB got me a foam roller. And when he first gave it to me, he suggested that I probably wait to use it till AFTER the marathon. Good advice. So, it sat in the corner of my living room for awhile. But now that the marathon is long over, I've been using it a little lately and WOW. I think it really works.

I know, I'm a little late to the Foam Rolling Train. But, I just never felt like my muscles were tight. I obviously can tell when I'm sore and/or stiff, but tight? Ehhh... No idea what the hell that means. BUT, I used it last night after a tempo run and this morning.. I woke up and practically bounded out of bed. And on my morning run, my legs were fresh as daisies. BOOM.

New Shoes:
So, I've not been entirely happy with the ASICS Nimbus for the last two releases (at least) or so and I've been on the lookout for other shoes. I flirted with Brooks Glycerin. But, overall, they just didn't give me the cushioned ride I was used to.

I've had my eye on Nike Vomero's, but have been waiting to find them at a price either cheaper or at the very least the same as Nimbus. That happened this week. I get them on Thursday.
Yay. Another pair of butt-ass ugly running shoes.

Anybody have any experience with the Vomeros?

New Tops:
So, it's that time of year again: to start thinking about finding new running tops. In the winter, I just wear lots of ugly layers and typically a fleece jacket (I KNOW! I'm weird). But in the spring/summer, I always want lightweight, non-clingy, cute tanks.

My number one requirement for such tanks is for them to be TANKS only. No shelf-bras (how many people can actually get away with having just a flimsy shelf-bra holding their girls in???? I say: NOT MANY). Anyway, these are on my radar right now:

First Base Tank from Lululemon

Of course, the name is fucking ridiculous for a running tank. But, what do you expect from Lululemon? Anyway, it looks cool and lightweight, there's no shelf-bra, and I like that it doesn't look super clingy. (Although, the fucking model weighs about 40 pounds less than me and has no body fat for anything to cling to. Is it mean that I take some satisfaction that her little smug smile is totally lost because the position of the end of her ponytail makes it look like she's growing 2 inches of hair out of her armpit)?

The con: The price tag. It's from Lululemon, so it's like a bazillion dollars.

Next up:

Again, no shelf-bra, light-weight... BUT, it does look like it has the potential to get clingy. I hate it when a top can't handle my 2 gallons of sweat from an August long run and it looks like I've just climbed out of a swimming pool wearing a skin tight swim suit.

So, if it's clinging to the hips of this size 0 model... then, I'm slightly worried about how it's going to cling to all my muffin top and fat rolls.

And lastly:
The only one that I don't have to sell a kidney on the black market to be able to afford:

The Run On Tank by Athleta

This option is way more modest (more fabric, yet cheaper than lululemon. WTF?). Again, I'm a little worried about the clingy-ness potential. And, because I'm a floozy, I'd kinda rather have less fabric on the chest. I might give it a whirl anyway. (Mainly because I love that cobalt blue color. SUCH A GIRL).

Anyone else thinking about summer running tops? Got any suggestions?


Carina said...

I nearly spit out water when I realized you were right about the armpit hair!

I am 100% with you on the shelf bras. I have a couple tops with them, but I still wear a reg bra underneath. But since my absolute favorite sports bra (of which I own 3 and would buy 10 more if they were still made) is not racer-back, I try to avoid those.

I like option 2 for tops the most.

I had an awful experience in Nikes once, but not the Vomeros. My all time faves are Brooks Glycerin, though I've been cheating on them for about a year with Asics Supernova and Mizuno Waverunners. But I'll be back in Brooks when these are done.

chacha said...

Recently tried the Nike Structure after going through the RRS ShoeDog again. Returned them 2 days later - way too much stability for me. But they seemed like decent shoes. They seem to fit narrower feet better - I had to get a wide (D) and, while my feet do measure a bit wide, I usually do fine with normal width.

Nice spot of the psueodo-armpit hair. I totally didn't notice that until you pointed it out! I've tried that tank on at Lulu and even at $39 sale price, I couldn't justify it in my head. For some reason, I can justify the $50-60 for shorts/skirts but not tops.