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Friday, March 15, 2013

Legs vs. Head vs. Heart

My fitness is the best it's ever been. THE BEST. I have to constantly look at my watch to keep my pace down on easy runs. This is UNHEARD OF in the world of Amy. So, naturally, all I want to do is keep my fitness in this sweet spot. My legs want to run and run and run and run and my head wants to log miles and miles and miles and sign up for some races to capitalize on this fitness.

But my heart, man... It's kinda not in it.

Which is INSANE. How can my heart not be in it? Everything else is there... but I find myself just not really enjoying most of my runs lately. DO YOU REALIZE HOW GODDAMN FRUSTRATING THAT IS? Like... it took me 23+ weeks to get into this shape and yet now... my heart's all like.. "meh."


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ace said...

sign up for a race.

you're welcome.