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Friday, March 29, 2013

And so it goes...

So, because I'm far from a rational and reasonable person, I decided to kind of keep on trucking with training through the Spring. The thing is, the summer SUCKS here to train. And I hate to spend this spring lollygagging around and then get hit with the summer doldrums. The plan is this... to keep training and run a few races (another 5K [WTF am I thinking?], probably a 10K and maybe another race or so) until the summer starts and then just take like a month off and get blasted drunk everyday and stuff my face with ice cream cake and Fritos in June or something.

Sounds awesome, doesn't it? I mean, the last part. Not the part about continuing to train.

So, Coach has kindly agreed to keep guiding me down the path of PRs by sending me schedules every week and responding to my emails about my goals for NEXT YEAR (I am a monster) and just generally being her awesome coachy self.

And... it's been going okay. I'm very bipolar about training lately. Somedays I'm OMFGAllAboutIt and other days I'm all EffThisShit. Fun times. Most days though, I get out the door and I guess that's what matters the most.

This week has been a clusterfuck. I pushed my workout till wednesday night, which made me too tired to do my mid-week long run on Thursday. I took Tuesday off just because I felt like it. I ran doubles 3 days this week (this is not as bad ass as it sounds; the morning runs were puny). I'm afraid my coach is going to look at my log for this week and see how rogue I was and be all...

What's this shit? Awww.. hell no, bitch.

Hopefully, I can salvage the week with proper schedule-following weekend. TBD.


Tanya said...

That gorilla has a gray ass. My gray hair is on my head. GET IT RIGHT, BITCH!

chacha said...

That fucking GIF.

BTW, I turned my word verification back on because of the damn bots. Not that I am posting much, but I was tired of getting spam emails from blogger every day.

Katie said...

that....gorilla. bahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

that gorilla is still making me laugh.