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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 22

What you are is what you have been. What you'll be is what you do now.

Week in review:

Monday: 5 miles easy. Felt meh.

Tuesday: 6 mile tempo run. Felt like shit. Wanted to quit at 5, but The KoB convinced me to keep going. Ended up being the fastest mile and felt the best. 

Wednesday: 7 miles easy. Felt meh.

Thursday: 9 miles. Felt meh.

Friday: OFF.

Saturday: 4 miles with legs that felt like shit bricks. Spent the rest of the day at Cedars of Lebanon Park for the Frostbite Half Marathon hanging out with Liz and watching the KoB jog around.

Just a stroll in the park. Show-off.

Sunday: 11.8 miles at Percy Warner Park with The KoB's Sunday morning crew. Felt fantastic. EXCEPT, I have a new corn between two toes and that little fucker hurts like a bitch. 

All-in-all. First week of taper is exactly what I expected it to be...

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