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Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 5- Taper Update

So, what have I been doing?

Well, I have ran a few times this week, including a nerve-wracking workout of a 6 mile tempo run. Just, ya know, to make me extra nervous about holding that pace for 26.2 miles. FUN.

I completely reorganized my closet. Moved a dresser into there, moved a bookshelf out. Switched out some shelves.

I have finished my kitchen painting project (with the exception of the touch-ups of my regular paint that I need to do):

Before: Beige HELL.

After: Less Beige.
Most important lesson I learned from that project: 
Yes, Amy. It is safe to get on top of your refrigerator.
(Important: Have your boyfriend do it first, though. Just in case.)

I have been shopping online, trying to figure out if I'm going to buy a new top for the marathon, or if I'm just going to wear something that I already have.

This jacket from Athleta is totes adorb.
(Ruffle along the zipper and all).

I got this half-zip top for Christmas. So, I might just wear it. 
Bitches like purple.

I have also been experimenting in the kitchen a bit. Last night I cooked seitan for the first time ever. And last week, I made the best meal:
 Faux CRAB CAKES!!!! OMFG!!!!
With tartar sauce!

Last month when we were in NYC, I dragged The KoB and our friends Jeff and Melissa to my favorite restaurant in NYC: Blossom. The thing is... the only meat I truly miss is seafood. So, when I saw Cape Cod Cakes as an appetizer on the menu, I ordered them. And holy shit, people... THEY WERE DELICIOUS. I was obsessed with finding a recipe and trying it at home and lo and behold I found a delicious recipe: 

Now, it wasn't EXACTLY like the Blossom Cape Cod Cakes, but it was still really awesome and also really easy to make and cheap. (I feel like anytime I find a new recipe to try, I end up spending $50 bucks on shit like arrowroot powder and vegan worchestershire sauce. It can get ridiculous). These cakes are going into rotation IMMEDIATELY.

I should probably make them again next week. Otherwise, with the taper crazies/stress/nervousness, this is likely to be me:
What's that? Now you're craving jalapeno poppers and pixie stix?
You're welcome.

What kinds of stuff do you during a taper? No, really. I need ideas, I've got another week of this shit to go.


chacha said...

The white and navy look great together! Are you going to leave the bottoms unpainted? It kind of looks cool the two together.

We have made minimal progress on our bathroom remodel. Just sporadic painting. Still need flooring, baseboards, vanity painting, lights, tile backplash, etc, etc. Sigh.

Taper stuff, so my taper for Carlsbad went by super fast because work got crazy. Had no time to worry about taper crazies.

Carina said...

Visualize. Seriously. Sit there and do it. So many elites swear by it.