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Monday, February 18, 2013

Brief Update

Just because I hate it when bloggers wait around till they post their race report before they give any hint of how a goal race turned out, I am blogging briefly to say this:

1. I didn't have the race I wanted.
2. I did PR.
3. I am pretty fucking pissed, BUT, I'm not defeated and possibly even MORE determined to get the race I want. (I didn't realize this was possible).
4. Trip Report and Race Report to come.


Carina said...

Don't beat yourself up and instead celebrate a MASSIVE PR! It looks like you're sub-4 by more than 5 minutes, and that's amazing. One step at a time. You've got your goal on the next shot for sure, but for now focus on getting the sub-4 that you well deserved!

chacha said...

Congrats on the PR - I see you sub-4'd that is a big accomplishment!

It's ok to be disappointed (I totally get it). Just don't be a dumbass impulsive person like me and decide to race another 3 weeks after a marathon PR.

Amy said...

Carina- Thanks and I appreciate the sentiment. But I kinda wanted to announce my time on my own terms.

Cha-cha. Thanks. And yeah, I'm still digesting everything but I'm not sure a quick Re-Do is the answer. Who the fuck knows, though. I've done dumber stuff.

Carina said...

Sorry, I was so excited for you that I cheated and looked at the results online on Sunday.