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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week 16


WEEK 16. OMFG! I mean, for a lot of normal people 16 weeks is a full training cycle. Shit. Things are starting to get real up in here, y'allz. 

The week:
Fast- 5x1600s.
Long- 20 miles.
Total- 65ish.

I have to admit, I was pretty damn happy to see 1600s on the schedule. But, then, I was slightly horrified when I realized I had to do 5 of them! WTF?

The KoB met me on Christmas morning and we banged these out. Probably too fast, but they felt good and I felt good and it just happened.

5x1600s? Nailed them, bitches.
(This ALMOST makes me want a poodle.)

The long run was a Run Bitches event. And it was cold and rainy/sleety and I was generally kinda crabby about the whole thing, but still managed to get 19 in. Thank god for running partners. This would not have have happened without my friends.
I ended up having to run at 8pm on Sunday night to get my weekly mileage in, but even after drinking most of the afternoon, I felt pretty good.

I'm feeling good, generally. But, I'm trying to stay focused in these last few weeks. It's easy for me sometimes to accept that my fitness is there and let things slip a bit in the home stretch. I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN, this time. 

I should also probably sign up for the race at some point, huh?

*I don't have a good quote for the week, so, instead of just putting something completely irrelevant, but catchy up there... I just opted out.

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Anonymous said...

thats one happy poodle. woo

good week