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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

Lucky for you, I'm not a big New Year's Resolution girl (I typically do those on my birthday, instead). BUT NEVER FEAR... I do have some goals for the new year (mainly because, it makes for good blogging fodder and I can either never address them again... (which is what normally happens) or I can look back in 2014 and be like... DAMN, I didn't do any of that shit I said I would. FAIL).

PR Goals:
*Obviously, I want 2013 to be the Year of the Marathon PR. That will hopefully get taken care of in... ohhhh... about 6 weeks (insert face of me FREAKING THE EFF OUT).

*However, I also want to PR in the 5K distance.

Race Goals:
*For the love of god, I HAVE to mark off some states this year. So, hopefully (Coach... shield your eyes...) I will complete some summer marathons in other states. I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone yet.

*I'd like to run the Murfreesboro Half again. And that's pretty much the only race that I can think of that I REALLY want to do again.

Cross-Training Goals:
*NONE. Ha. I mean, I don't really count Yoga as cross-training, but, I guess other people do.

Personal Development Goals:

*Learn a foreign language. (I downloaded an app for my phone. Is it possible to become fluent in Spanish via my iphone? I'll keep you posted. So far I've learned how to say... "I am a man" (yo soy un hombre). That should come in handy).

*Read BIGGER books. So, for the past 2 years, I've had a goal to read as many books as I can in year. In 2011 I read 31. In 2012 I read 41. Which is AWESOME. But, it also means that I shy away from reading lonnnnng books (Moby Dick, Anna Karenina, McCullough's The Great Bridge) because I'm afraid it will take me too long and keep my total for the year down. This year, MORE long books.

*Random Home Improvement Projects. I'll spare you the boring details.

What are your race/cross training/personal development goals for 2013?


Carina said...

Well, since you said "summer marathons," I guess it won't happen, but let me know if you're looking at any in the DFW area! But unless you're nuts, I'd advise against that in the summer.

I'm going to do a 2013 resolutions post, still pondering a couple, but my main goal is a marathon PR by 11.5 minutes.

I failed at my 2012 "20 books" resolution mostly b/c I read some long non-fiction ones, but I'm okay with it. I'm with you, I'd rather read quality over quantity and longer books of interest rather than shorter books to count as more books, so I'm actually going to do a total page count I think when I review my 2012 books.

chacha said...

I think I am one of the few that would not have found the "random home improvement projects" boring. Seeing as I am currently living through master bathroom remodel hell and all our clothes are strewn about in the guest rooms.

With the miles you are putting in weekly, I can't see how you won't PR in both the marathon and the 5K (man I hate the 5K).