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Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 14

If you wanna fly, you've got to give up the shit that weighs you down.
Toni Morrison

Surprisingly, after that half marathon PR (!!!), I was not sore. Like at all. I did experience dead legs for most of the week, though. Luckily, it was a step-back week and Coach encouraged me to take a day off and she let me use the race as an excuse to bail early on a long run. YAY FOR LAZINESS!

So, there's really not a lot to report from last week. I only ran 40 miles and had a nasty fall on Tuesday evening.

The End.

Actually, not the end. So... I realized this weekend that I've been been a total slacker lately. So, it's time for some things to change starting TODAY.

1. MORE YOGA: Ugh. I have been totally slacking on the yoga lately. I have started practicing at home a lot more (which I actually enjoy) because I'm a picky bitch when it comes to teachers/classes/studios and my regular studio kinda pissed me off recently, so I've been staying away from there. BUT, it's a lot easier to just skip it altogether if you're not going to a class. So, I gotta keep myself accountable and try to up my at home practice. SOMEONE OPEN A DHARMA YOGA STUDIO OR A JIVAMUKTI STUDIO IN NASHVILLE, PLEASE! THANK YOU.

Related to the yoga... I've also been slacking on my meditation and pranayama practices. As in NOT DOING THEM AT ALL. Ugh.

2. MINDFUL EATING. I've been really lazy about watching what I eat lately and I can tell... in my clothes, my attitude, my skin, the mirror. It's time to step away from shoveling whatever food is in the vicinity into my mouth and start thinking a little more about what I'm eating and how it's going to make me feel. Less sugar, more spinach. Less coffee, more sparkling wine. What? Okay, okay.. less booze, too. Blarg.

Good thing I stocked up on booze this weekend. 

3. LONG RUNS. So... lately, I seem to always come up with a good excuse to bail early on my long runs. Last week it was the half marathon, the week before that it was I had to get home in time to meet my mom, and the week before that I'm sure it was something else. The point is... there are always excuses I can find to bail early on a long run. But, the race is in 2 months and it's time to take the long runs seriously.

So, there ya have it. I've put it on the blog, so now I gotta do it. (Sorry for all the yelling in today's post. I BLAME THE COFFEE. Oops. Sorry).

Make me feel better... have you guys been slacking on all the things lately, too?


Carina said...

I wish I could get into doing yoga at home. Not disciplined enough. One of these days.

chacha said...

Uh, yeah. My mileage has gone to shit after I decided not to run Tucson. The unfortunate part is that I have Carlsbad queued up in late January. But at this point I'm convinced it'll be a "fun run" (with "fun" heavily quoted because it's 26 miles).

Amy said...

Carina- the nice thing about yoga at home, is you can skip the poses you hate. Not that I do that or anything.

Chacha- Dude, you'll be fine in Carlsbad. Good base, etc!