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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trip Report: Tucson, AZ

Disclaimer: Not about running.

The KoB and I have birthdays that flank Christmas. His is the end of November, mine is the beginning of February and so with Christmas right in between... That's a lot of gift-giving pressure. So a couple of months ago, I mentioned the idea of taking a trip to celebrate Christmas and our birthdays. No presents, or racking our brains for what the hell to get each other twice in such a short period of time. Just a nice getaway. Initially, we decided to keep it low key and just go to Chattanooga. But, last minute we decided what the hell... let's go to TUCSON.

When we stepped into the Tucson Airport, I took a look around and immediately looked at the KoB and asked... were we just in a time machine that looked like an airplane?

Off a plane and straight into 1982. WELCOME TO TUCSON.

Seriously, the airport was the most 80s airport I've been to in awhile (come to think of it, Phoenix's airport is pretty fucking 80s, too. GET IT TOGETHER, ARIZONA). 

I pretty much expected Arizona to be all desert and cacti. 

Kinda like this.

So, I was admittedly a little disappointed when we got there and were driving to the packet pickup and it was just a bunch of brown dirt and brown buildings.

It wasn't until race morning (when the sun finally came up) that I really saw the beauty of Arizona. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera handy BECAUSE I WAS RUNNING A RACE. But, trust me. The scenery (when I took a moment to look) was really pretty. After the race, we headed to IHOP. Because, really, when can you ever feel good about a trip to the IHOP, except after a race? And then went to Saguaro National Park. Where we got to see REAL Arizona beauty.

Boom, bitches. Cacti and Mountains.

We couldn't help but think that some of the cacti looked like
they had penises growing out from them. 
Yes, I'm a 12 year old boy.
 This is my... I just PRed the Half, bitch... pose.
Also, thank god there are no cacti penises coming
at my head in this photo. That would have been embarrassing. 

The next day, we headed down to Tombstone.

Fremont Street.

What? You didn't know there were Pterodactyls in Arizona? They like beer.

Do you see another person? No? 
Probably because there wasn't anyone else.

Speaking of 1982...
Pretty sure this isn't what the scene looked like, but... whatev.

Honestly, Tombstone was kinda the impetus of the whole trip. So, we were pretty excited to head down there. I had been warned that Tombstone was pretty commercialized and cheesy (uhhhh it did burn down and have to be rebuilt). So, I was prepared for that. But, I wasn't really prepared for the feeling of desolation that it had. I mean, sure it was a Monday in December. But good god the town was DEAD (despite the fact that its motto is... Tombstone: The Town Too Tough To Die. Instead it's just barely limping by and dragging an oxygen tank behind it). Nothing has been updated since the early 1980's (I'm sensing a theme here). I am really glad that we went and saw it and pumped some money into it, and the area that Tombstone is in, is beautiful. But, overall, it made me feel kinda sad. 

Overall, our trip to Tucson was really fun! We ate some really good food there (and some mediocre food) and found everyone to be really friendly. I'm looking forward to possibly going back next December for a date with the Marathon.


Carina said...

Just curious, did you have to look up how to spell Pterodactyls, or did you know that? I would have had to look it up. And it would have been hard because I might have started with a T.

Tanya said...

I just remembered that when I said, JEALOUS about you going to Tucson, I was remembering Flagstaff. I've actually never been to Tucson.

Exciting info, I know.

Amy said...

Carina- I did know how to spell it! But, I double checked with spelling check, just in case.

Tanya- I'm glad you clarified, I just thought you were into 1980s and brown.