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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bullshit, etc...

On the blog:
First off, as much as I HATE filling out the stupid word decoder thingy on other people's blogs when I leave a comment. I'm turning it back on here. I got 63 spam emails yesterday from "anonymous commenters" and 24 already this morning. YOU WILL NOT WIN SPAMBOTS. Sorry, I know it's annoying and probably discourages people from commenting, but I can't handle anymore of those emails.

On the Run Bitches:
Also, just thought I'd share with you the original prototype for the Run Bitches shirts:

Same Front.

But a slightly different wording on the back:
Classy, right?

Probably for the best we went the less offensive route.

On my Health:
I went to the doctor on Monday for my yearly check-up and got lots of red on my results.

No need to panic, I'm only borderline anemic.

Anyway, after self/google diagnosing myself with Pernicious Anemia, turns out my doc isn't worried about my numbers, at all and initially told me my results were fine. (And then I nagged him about WHY IS THERE SO MUCH FUCKING RED ON MY RESULTS and that's when I got the... you're fine, but you're borderline anemic. Take a supplement if you want, you whiny bitch). But hey, my cholesterol went down 28 points from last year whogivesaflyingfuckaboutcholesterolatage32?!

So, I'm going to continue with my B, B-12, and Iron supplements. And possibly experiment a bit more with the amounts and the timing of when I take them.

On Running:
Speaking of that, holy shit balls, y'all. I've started running some after work lately and like whoa... I kinda/sorta like it! Obvs I picked the best possible time for this: when daylight savings ends. But, whatever. Generally, my legs feel really good in the afternoons. I'm not sure if it's because of my lunch, or the supplements I take after lunch, or just because I wasn't sleeping approximately 10 minutes beforehand? I'm not giving up on morning runs entirely, but I'm definitely enjoying mixing it up with an afternoon run occasionally.

On Eating and Running:
I never eat before a run in the morning. Races are slightly different. I'll generally eat half of an energy bar a couple hours before a race of 13 miles or longer. And in a marathon, I'll usually use shotblox a little during the race.

And I'm thinking maybe it's time to experiment a little more. Particularly since I had an amazing run on Sunday after eating an enormous breakfast. Not that I should be eating a pound of homefries before a long run or race, but maybe having a little something on the stomach isn't a bad thing. I'm so nervous about my GI issues flaring up, that I generally think that no food is best. But... maybe some white carbs wouldn't be so bad before a race? I actually just purchased these items to test out tomorrow morning: Kryptonite Peanut Butter Puffins and Lemon Zest Luna Bar:

Breakfast of champions or just the breakfast of my dreams?

Everyone is different. So tell me... what fueling plan works best for you?

On Friends:
Shout out to my BFF, Lauren who is going to kill it at the Richmond Marathon this weekend. School some bitches, girl!


Carina said...

Anonymous comment. Spam. Penile enlargement. Haha. Just kidding. I'd definitely say work on finding something you can tolerate before a run. The science is really clear that it will benefit you performance-wise, it's just a matter of finding what will work for you. Start small and bland of course. Avoid dairy at all costs (and that's about 20 people I know making that stmt).

chacha said...

I got a whole slew of bot-comments this weekend out of the blue, but I haven't been posting much, so, prob less bot comments than you got. My beef with the word verification is that sometimes the word are difficult to discern (and I don't wear glasses). Stupid bots.

Anyway, fuel. I have been lucky in that my GI issues are only pre-race. I would say anywhere from 4-6 bathroom visits from wakeup to race time which is a little bit ridiculous. But once I start, I am ok. I usually eat a mini bagel (or half bagel) or slice of bread with some kind of nut butter (whatever I have on hand), and a banana. About 2 hours before start time. And coffee.