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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 6 Review


Last week's training was terrible. I was basically running with sore muscles every freaking day.

Monday, I was still sore from the race on Saturday. Tuesday afternoon, I took a hot yoga class that I apparently OVERstretched in every position in. I was practically an invalid for the next 3 days. I have NEVER been as sore during runs as I was Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Good lord it was terrible.

I'm just glad the fucking week is over with. And now, I'm scared to go back to that yoga class even though I love the people that opened the studio and I want to support it, but jesus christ, I just can't handle being that sore and the room is so hot and makes you feel so stretchy that it's so easy to overstretch and then you'll be sore for DAYSSSSSS and prone to run-on sentences. UGH.

Here's the particulars of the week:
The fast: 5x400s @ 2:00 ALL BY MYSELF.
The long: 14 miles.
The total: 55 miles.
Wildcard workout: 8 miles on the trails for a Relay.

Well, I knew it was coming. My coach had told me the weekend before that there were going to be some workouts that I was going to have to do alone. BUZZKILL. And this week was one of those weeks. Turned out alright though. Of course, I did them way too fucking fast and was slapped gently on the wrist sarcastically teased by Coach AND the KoB. POINT TAKEN, YOU GUYS. Math=hard.

My long run went surprisingly well... Particularly since I waited until Sunday to do it. I felt like shit for the first couple of miles, but got warmed up and instead of bailing at 11, like I had the option to, I kept going. SUCCESS. Running with the Run Bitches helped.

I was so excited that I was allowed to run 55 miles, but sadly the soreness I had all week meant I only made it to 53. Honestly, with how lousy I felt, I'm surprised I managed to get that many in.

The RUN BITCHES ran a marathon relay this weekend. Upcoming post on that.
Yes, there are team shirts.

Adios, week 6. You piece of shit.
* Since last week was so freaking godawful, I don't even have an inspirational or thought-provoking quotation to start the review with. All I can say is... sometimes running sucks ass.

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