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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Sweet Spot

Warning: This post could cause extreme nausea and/or eye rolling.

Something happened last week. At some point last week something clicked inside me and I realized... Whoa. Running is fun! After almost 3 months of standing at my front door every morning trying to make the decision of whether I'd rather slit my wrists or go for a run, I found myself happily heading out AND I actually felt good during most of my runs. People! This is huge!

And so I spent all last week basking in the gloriousness of running. W.T.F?

I felt so good that after I got my weekly schedule from my Coach, I emailed her back (because I can't even tie my goddamn shoelaces without asking her if it's okay. Co-dependent much?) to see if it was okay if I can run MORE miles that week.

Bwhahahaha. Adorbs.

I've decided to spend these next two months before my marathon training gets into high gear to base build. Which coincides nicely with this new found love of running that I have also means I'll probably be burnt the fuck out before marathon training. yay!

But of course, I can't just be happy and leave things alone. Nooooooo sir. I have to start analyzing every minute detail of my running to figure out WHY I'm feeling so great and probably ruin everything in the process.

The only thing that I can come up with is an idea that I'm in the sweet spot right now. And this sweet spot is comprised of the following things:

1. I'm only doing speed work once a week, so, I'm not super fatigued. And in general I don't give a rat's ass about my pace.
2. I'm finally adjusted to the humidity. I don't even really notice the humidity until I notice that I can wring my shirt out during a run. Ew.
3. I'm eating enough.
4. I'm getting enough Iron. I know that's like the hot topic these days on blogs, but I've been consciously trying to include more iron in my diet since June or so (blackstrap molasses, spinach, and when I remember, I take a supplement). I did this because I had all the symptoms of low iron (extreme fatigue and pagophagia) plus I'm a girl AND a runner. Jackpot Anemia! And while I am feeling better, I'm still craving and eating ice like CRAZY. I'm afraid I'm like one step away from that god awful show on TV where people eat chalk or rocks or some shit. I do have a doctors appointment in a couple of weeks, so I'll get a blood test then.
5. I'm drinking a shit ton of water (mostly in the form of ice, thanks pagophagia! ugh).
6. I'm getting enough Protein.
7. Carryover excitement from the Olympics?

Anyway... it's probably a mix of a lot of these things. But in any case, I'm sorry in advance if this awesomeness persists, because if it does... it probably means some shitty/boring/rainbows and unicorns blog posts in the future. And let's be honest... who wants to read about that shit?

Yayyyyyy Running!!!

(Go ahead and gag. I know I'd want to).

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