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Monday, May 14, 2012

What's Next?

As I was dropping out of the race last weekend, all I could think about was a redemption race. Another shot at the marathon while I'm still in good shape and mentally prepared. I immediately thought of the Cleveland Marathon (which is this upcoming weekend) and remembered that I have a friend from Carolina running it.

Yes, I decided. I will run Cleveland in 2 weeks.

And then I had a 4 hour drive home from Cincinnati and decided... ummm... hell to the NO. Take some time off, enjoy the summer and get back to the marathon this fall.

So... what's next?

Well, I'm kinda obsessed with running a 5k right now. I haven't ran one since I started half marathon training wayyy back in December. So, that's definitely on the agenda. (A PR is on the agenda, too. Although, let's just say confidence in getting PRs is pretty low right now. Plus, marathon training and 5k training are uhhh... slightly different animals. Not sure what kind of 5k shape I'm in right now).

I've officially bailed on the 3 Stages Race in June. I mean, WTF was I thinking? Why would I ever want to do that race twice?

But, I'm not planning on sitting on my ass and doing nothing this summer. I am going to run a couple of marathons and knock off a couple of states for fun. And then this fall... This fall I will rendezvous with the marathon again. The location and date is yet to be determined... but I will get my race this fall.


Meredith said...

I'm running the Air Force marathon in September. Come join me!!!

LAPT said...

In the meantime, please come to Boston for a visit.

Anonymous said...

heh heh heh....

Jason said...

Go rock that 5K! I ran a 5K about 2 wks after a 1/2 marathon. I didn't race the 5K, it was just a fun run. I was burnt out on running and didn't feel like racing the 5K. I ran at one speed, never changed gears, felt like an easy stroll in the park, came in at 22 and some change. Not a fast time, but i barely broke a sweat. I think if you go out and race it, with the shape you're in, a PR, is in your future.