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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To Yoga or to Not Yoga...

Disclaimer: I realize this post is going to totally make me sound like a privileged asshole, but whatev.

So, I'm running a race on Saturday. Yay! It's a 10k that is supposed to be very flat and considering my last 10k was hella hilly, I'm counting on a PR. Hopefully a massive PR (but we'll just keep that between you and me).

Anyhow, since I'm in the throes of marathon training right now and this isn't really a GOAL race for me, I'm only just barely adjusting my weekly running routine.

So... my big decision of the week is whether or not to go to yoga class on Thursday night. (I know, the universe just flipped me a big ole bird. See Disclaimer Above). The thing is... my Thursday night yoga class is my FAVORITE yoga class in Nashville. This particular class is only offered on Thursday nights and the only time I miss it is if I'm out of town (and I skipped it the week of my half marathon race).

Fake best day of my life ever scenario:
What's that? You want to go out for Mexican food, beer AND tequila shots, ice cream, and then you have a free ticket with a backstage pass to see Oasis (let's just assume that they got back together)?

Ohhhh, wait, it's on Thursday between the times 5-7:15? Yeah, sorry. I can't go, I've got a yoga class.

It sounds ridiculous, I know. Who cares, right? The class will be there next week. But, without getting all boring yoga-y on you, I really, really appreciate this class. It's a led Ashtanga class, but it's slowed down significantly and we do a meditation to start class and a breathing exercise to end class. I've been taking this class with this teacher since last February and he knows me and knows my practice and he's seen my practice develop over the course of the last year. And there are about 4-5 other regulars in the class and we just have a good time. It's a great vibe and I always go to class excited and leave feeling centered. 

Annnnnd... every Saturday morning I wake up with sore hamstrings. Which is where the dilemma comes in. How much of an effect would sore hamstrings have on my race?

Honestly, now that I've started to think about it and the fact that I'm wrestling with the decision so much (and writing an actual blog post about it, jeez louise, I'm a total mental case sometimes), tells me that I should take Thursday off. If only because I'm clearly too attached to my Thursday night class (attachment=bad yogi).

Okay then. Well, thanks for that.

But, just so that the 10 minutes that it took for me to bang this post out doesn't go completely to waste, I'm still curious to know for future reference... how much of an impact you think that sore hamstrings would have on a race outcome? Thoughts? Anyone?


Katie said...

eh, I'd go anyway. the benefit of your favorite yoga seems like it should outweigh sore hamstrings. and maybe take it a little easy on those lunges. :)

Carina said...

Yeah, I'd still be inclined to go and just attempt to intentionally sit out a couple postures, or at least not push as hard regarding legs. But I'm not a good yogi yet, so go with your gut!