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Monday, April 2, 2012

Gear Review: Shorts Edition.

After looking at the photos of me at my last race. It occurred to me... Uhhhh, I haven't bought new running shorts in about 3 years. And, I may be a bit overdue.

I look like I'm wearing an Amish Swimsuit.

Now, in general, I don't give a shit what I look like when I'm running. For one, I'm typically running before the ass crack of dawn and two I'm one of those people that require a shit ton of makeup/hairdoing/fashion help to make me look half-way presentable to the world. So, why bother when I'm running?

But, COME ON, Amy... you can do better than this bullshit:

It looks like I'm wearing a skirt, for chrissakes!!!!

So, it was time for a fashion intervention. On myself. Awesome.

First things first... what the hell are my options? I've got a stash of about 14 pairs of Nike Tempo Shorts that are all equally unflattering, so I wanted to try something different this time. I started with the Roga shorts by a company called Oiselle.

Obvs, not me.

I ordered a couple of pairs from amazon and was a little nervous that they were going to be too short, too short-waisted and just generally look awful on me.

For comparison, I also ordered a pair from Lululemon (yes, we have a store and I could have just gone there and tried them on, but I cannot stand going into a lululemon store. I know, I'm weird).

At least she's pastey white like me!

I expected to love the Lululemon shorts (which are 60 bucks with tax!!!!!!!) and hate the cheaper Roga pair ($40 bucks and no tax). (Especially considering how much I love my lululemon yoga pants).  

But, here's the deal. The Roga shorts are AWESOME! They fit well, they feel great, they are flattering, they dry super fast (very important feature for a sweaty gal like myself) and they are very comfortable.

The Lululemon shorts I am actually really disappointed in (to be fair, I think I ordered a size too big). They make my already flat ass look even flatter.
See that top portion? That's what I refer to as the ass-flattener.

The Roga has a similiarly wide waist band, but it doesn't flatten my ass nearly as much:
Okay, so you'll have to take my word for it, because this model's ass looks really flat in the Rogas.

The first couple of times I wore the Roga Shorts, I got compliments. Which means, that either they do legitimately look good on me. OR, I just looked so awful before that anything is an improvement (either way, I'll take it). I'm sending the lululemon ones back (did I mention I hate going into lululemon stores?) and ordering another couple pair of Rogas.

Yay for new running gear! What kind of shorts do you wear?


Carina said...

Tempo almost all the time, but I've also got a couple pairs of shorty short New Balance and one shorty short Adidas (the official Boston ones from last year), and it took me quite a while to start wearing them for fear of giving every passerby a true th-eyeful (or is it thighful?), but now I finally circulate them fairly regularly.

Meredith said...

My favorite pair is the Saucony Women's Performance Short. They are a little on the short side, but not booty shorts, they are super-light weight, and dry fast. I want like a gazillion pairs.

Melanie said...

I think maybe different kinds just fit differently. I have one pair from lululemon that I LOVE. I never intended to buy $55 shorts, but I had grabbed a pair to try on with a top one day bc I had on a dress and when I put them on and saw how nice my butt looked and then got compliments when I walked out of the dressing room... I had to. I still think my butt looks better in them than in my Brooks Ephiphany shorts that I also really love... I may have to check into these other shorts you found sometime! They look cute, too.

chacha said...

This certainly is a timely post for me. I just spent nearly an entire day going to 5 stores (Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Dick's Sporting, and Big 5) and managed to find only 1 pair that was acceptable. A pair of some kind of new balance - like 2.5" inseam.

I have 4 pairs of hind/adidas/asics from 2002 that I bought while training for the LA marathon. I still wear nearly all of them. So I hear ya on the ridiculously old running clothes.

Was planning on going into a lululemon for the first time to see what all the hype is.