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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A boring list.

Random Thoughts for a Wednesday...

** I'm still riding the "I LOVE RUNNING" wave. It's almost getting to the ridiculous phase. I was actually pretty excited when I woke up at 5am for my tempo run. gag. gag.

** Speaking of tempo runs... besides easy runs and bumping up my mileage, tempo runs (at kinda/sorta estimated marathon pace) are my weekly "workout" runs. I'm not going to lie, breaking up with interval training was kinda hard, but it's just a BREAK. (It's not you, it's me). We will be back together soon enough. (And when it's a gazillion degrees outsides).

** Blogging may be a little light in the upcoming weeks... at least until I dig my way out of this...
Allow me to introduce you to my "to do list."

**  I had a spectacular long run last weekend with some of my favorite running pals. But goddamn I sweated wayyyy too much for a mid-March run.

** It's time to start thinking about what races I want to do in the fall... I'm probably looking at targeting the Marathon distance in November/December. If anyone has any good suggestions, let me know. 

 ** Since work is kinda busy right now, I'm trying to come up with ways to sneak in some extra yoga. Last week I did the standing part of the Primary Series at home. And that worked pretty well. This week, I decided to try and take a lunchtime class. Bwhahahahaha. FAIL. I mean, the class was fine. But, holy mother of god, was it a sweat fest! I assumed that since it was a "lunchtime" class, that there would be people there on their lunch breaks, looking for a good hour of stretching, chillaxing, and zen-ing out. Um. No. It was just a bunch of Stay at Home Moms who said they were looking to "SWEAT." Crap. I haven't sweated that much in a yoga class (or running) in a long time.

** Despite not really being able to fit in my optimum 3-4 yoga classes every week, my practice is going really, really well. My headstand and wheel poses are improving every week. I no longer have to drop to my knees for chaturangas (yoga pushups). My chest, shoulders and back have opened up significantly over the past 6 months or so and I am able to get into some pretty sweet binds:

Like, Marichyasana C!

** Hamstring poses? Yeah, they still totally suck.


Spike said...

The I love running wave, like all waves, will crash. But, lucky for us all, there are endless such waves out there...all you have to do is find another one.

chacha said...

But Marichyasana D - what a bitch that pose is! I almost had it, and then I started running more, so the weight I lost didn't mean jack with tightened hips.

I went through an Ashtanga obsession phase - spent several months going to Tim Miller's studio for Mysore when I worked close by. Sometimes I miss it but it's clear that yoga cannot fill my "running" void.

Katie said...

send me some of your running love, please, because right now I feel like an elephant. k thanks.

LAPT said...

Richmond Marathon on Nov 10. The DC girls are trying to convince me to sign up. It would be 4 days before my birthday and it's a Sat race...

Thoughts? I'm leaning toward doing it.