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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 7 Review

Listen, I know. I thought this was going to be wayyyy more interesting for you, too. I mean... when I decided to try and actually TRAIN for speed instead of distance I thought there was gonna be DRAMA FOR DAYS for you people (bitching, whining, self-doubt, tears, giving up, etc)... and instead you're stuck with these weekly recaps of just how effing awesome it turns out that I am. SNOOZEFEST.

If it makes you feel any better... we're still only like half-way through this shit and there's plenty of time for me to royally fuck this up.

That's the spirit!

Anyway... so, last week was another awesome week. Yay! A few things to note... For whatever reason I just cannot force myself to slow down for a cool down after a tempo run. (I know! THE HORROR! Seriously, I just made myself kinda want to vomit after typing that).

Also... I had one of the worst work weeks I've ever had (anxiety attacks? check! crying at work? check!) but... I think it set me up for some good runs. I vented the hell out of some runs this week. My running partners were bored all week long with my rants (lucky Steve got it for 10 miles!). All that anguish (and the 5 beers on Friday night with friends) helped fuel a kick ass long run on Saturday!

Jam of the week: Uhhh.. I didn't run alone once this week... so, no Jams. Just lots of angry yelling and fist shaking about work.

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Carina said...

Work drama always speedy runs for me too, but I can't relate at all about not being able to do a cooldown mile. Heck, my buddies have to basically poke at me to get me to even start walking away from my corner at the track, let alone jogging back to my car.