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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 4 Review

Damnnnnn. 4 weeks, already??

Here's what it looked like:

Week 4: The EASY Week.

So, last week was an easy week. No speedwork, just lots of easy, slow, easy miles. I have to say... this is another one of Coach's brilliant ideas! Sure, it was an easy week, there were no intervals or tempo runs, BUT, instead of cutting back on my mileage (which I totally would have done if I were planning my own shit), I cut back on my pace... ran easy and ran MORE miles. It's genius, really. Why didn't I ever think of that?

Anyway, by the end of the week, not only was I feeling rested and sane, I was itching to get back out there and do some faster running.

A month in the books and I'm still loving it!


Carina said...

I think this is the best you've done so far at following the schedule exactly. Nice job!

Katie said...

i believe this deserves a: BAM BITCHES.