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Friday, December 2, 2011

Wet Monkey

The year it rained...

Yeah, this is like mile 2... a downhill... BEFORE the rain.
It looks like Melanie and I are schooling a whole pack of bitches, but alas, they schooled us. I felt like we RARELY had anyone around us after mile 6 or so. (Uhhh.. slightly different than Chicago).

Ahh... our little 3some. We don't look too wet either, so this may have been early as well.
Also, how freaking unbelievably beautiful does the park look in these photos?? Wow.

 And here we go. Miserably, soaking, clinging wet. But still managing half a smile.

The Lady in the Pink told us that she likes to chase advil with red bull before and during races.
I don't think I'll try that. But she did have quite a kick at the end.

At the finish, feeling like I'm going to throw up after running up and down the last hill.

Coming up on the blog I'm going to start a little series of my favorite things from 2011 and I'm also officially starting my training with my COACH! So... yeah, that should be fun. Expect the F bombs to occur a little more frequently in the months to come...

Have a great weekend you guys!

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