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Monday, December 5, 2011

Introducing my TEAM

So... I'm serious this time. I'm actually going to have a training plan (it started today!) and stick to it and wind up with a kick ass PR in a few months. And thankfully, I'm not alone in this pursuit. Because I am known for doing anything and everything that you AREN'T supposed to do when training (e.g. crashing and burning, spending days on a pretty excel spreadsheet for the training plan only to stop using it after a week, only paying attention to my long runs, running a 50k the weekend before a race) I need some help. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a fucking team to make me run fast for 13.1 miles. Allow me to introduce you to my team.

TEAM AMY (still trying to come up with a better team name. Creativity makes my brain hurt. Open to suggestions).

First of all... I have a coach this time. I mean... seriously, how legit is that? Someone else to come up with the training plans and the speed workouts, someone else to tell me what to do and make me feel guilty when I don't do them, and most importantly someone to blame when I fail (I kid, I kid).

Clearly, I'm in good hands.

My coach is the fantastic and hilarious TANYA from 37,000 miles later. She has no idea what she's gotten herself into and as I look at the above photo, I guess neither do I. Crap.

So, I've got my super fast running partner STEVE who is probably so freaking excited that I have finally decided to do something other than run 4 miles at 10:00 pace 3x a week. He will be the one that pulls me through the speed workouts and pushes me to keep going. He's good at this. We've had a couple of experiences where I've thrown expletives at him and tried to give up and he just pretends he doesn't hear me and pulls me through. I never run as fast on my own as I do when I'm with him.

CAROLYN is my other teammate and she will be making appearances 2-3 times a week to listen to me bitch and moan (lucky her) about all the wretched things that my coach wants me to do and then also listen to me bitch and moan about how Steve doesn't let me ease up at all or peter out on my runs. She will remind me that running CAN be fun and easy and that I'm an idiot for trying to do this.

There will also eventually be another teammate... Teammate TREADMILL. (But, per usual, I haven't gotten around to joining the YMCA yet). Treadmill will be around on an as needed basis when it's raining or icy outside. And while he's a total bore, if this winter is anything like last winter, he will be a vital member of the team. Ugh.

So there you have it. Team Amy. I'm sure the rest of the team could care less... but, I know I'm ready to get out there and kick some ass! (Unfortunately for me... I'm the one that has to actually do ALL the training and run the race and PR).

I'll post updates at the beginning of the week every week as a recap of my training.



LAPT said...

I hope you post your weekly training so that I can stalk it and somehow mold it into something that helps me get faster, too. It's like having another, creepy, stalker teammate who stares at you through the window at night.

Tanya said...

Run bitch!!
Is that all you got?

p.s...Yay TEAM!

Tanya said...

By the way, how about Team CAST (for Carolyn, Amy, Steve, Tanya)?

Since, after all, you'll probably be in a cast before this is all over.

Bert said...

More like team off-cast by the looks of that pic, haha!