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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week 3 Review

Happy Holidays!

Whoa. 3 weeks down. Unbelievable.

So this week something interesting happened... I woke up at my parents house on Saturday morning and started to get ready for a run through the neighborhood with my mom. I got dressed and put my running shoes on and the first step I took with my left foot after putting my shoes on, I felt a pain. A severe, scary pain. It started at the top of my left butt cheek (almost lower back territory) and then the sharp pain radiated down the entire length of my left leg.

Uhhhh.. WTF?

It wouldn't happen with every step, but it did happen occasionally... Enough to make me consider bailing on the run entirely, but I figured I might as well TRY and see what happens. So we ran 3 miles and only had to stop once, when I felt the pain again. By mid-morning the pain was gone.

On Sunday, I decided it would be smart to skip the intervals and just run nice and easy. And... it worked. No issues! Yay!

My number one priority in this whole PR attempt isn't to actually PR, it's to train smart and not get injured. Most people that I know who have had injuries from running, got them from speedwork. Which is why I'm taking an unbelieveably long amount of time to train for a Half Marathon. This way I can hopefully ease my body into this whole running faster thing.

In other news from the week... My long run was spectacular! It flew by and I loved it!

Full Disclosure: I was originally going to take Sunday off instead of Wednesday, but I woke up with a bit of a hangover on Wednesday morning and rearranged my schedule.

 I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Mine was awesome! Lots of good family time and food and... I got to introduce my family to my new boyfriend...
Meet Jimmy. I was originally set up with his cousin, Bulleit Rye.
But, once you add some ginger ale, I can't tell a damn difference between the two.

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LAPT said...


Also, you think it was a piriformis issue? Go get yourself a tennis ball...

And in other news, I like your boyfriend.