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Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 2 Review

Well, week two is in the books. Here's how it shook out...

Total miles for the week: 34.3

Good week. But damn, it's an adjustment. I didn't realize just how EASY I had been running before and how used to that I was. The effort required for some of these workouts is not something I'm used to. But, I feel like this coming week is going to get me over the hump.

High of the week: Saturday's Tempo Run. I loved it! My legs felt good after the day off on Friday and I loved the feeling of getting progressively faster and then just running at a tough, but manageable pace for a couple of miles.

Low of the week: Doing my track intervals too fast AGAIN. And feeling like DEATH. Definitely going to work on hitting my splits. No need to be running too damn fast with 3 months till race day!

I have to say... I wake up looking forward to each of the workouts... on easy days, I look forward to just a nice, easy run and on speed days I look forward to seeing what the hell my body is going to do that day. Somedays, it just doesn't come (Monday) and other days I feel like a million bucks (Saturday).

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Katie said...

track intervals too fast = vomit. you crazy!