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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Long Run...

Saturday morning I woke up and rolled out of bed and over to Percy Warner Park for a rendezvous with the 11.2 + Luke Lea add-on.

It was nice. If you're not familiar with the 11.2, it's a loop. So, when you start you can choose to start going towards the right (the way most people start, I think. At least, with me and my peeps!) or you can go the the opposite direction towards the left. Which is what I did. For multiple reasons:

1. I'm much more likely to add the Luke Lea add on when it comes to me at mile 1.5ish instead of mile 9.5ish.
2. If you run it backwards (or starting towards the left), the first 6 miles are pretty much the last 6ish miles of the Monkey Marathon. So, I wanted to get a little more familiar with knowing where I am, how far to go, etc... from that perspective.
3. I knew that I'd have much better views of the sunrise from that side.

All in all, the run was pretty good. I took it easy with my pace and just enjoyed the run. The park is GORGEOUS right now and it was bustling with life as it got later in the morning. However, I did not layer enough for the run. It was in the 30s, and I assumed I'd warm up enough on the hills to just start out with a short sleeve with a long sleeve over and then tights and shorts. But, ummm... that was not enough. I wasn't really warm until the last mile or so of the run. It kinda sucked, actually. But, I survived and will be used to the cooler temps soon enough, I'm afraid.

This was likely my last shot at the 11.2 before the Monkey Marathon in a couple of weeks and it was the perfect weekend to tackle it.


Carina said...

We have a local lake that runners routinely loop, a total of about 15k. And it seems like everyone runs it clockwise and I also say I ran it backwards if I go the opp direction and it always confuses non-runners, who are like you ran 9 miles backwards??? I guess it's just a bad sign that I'd say something about my direction on the lake to a non-runner in the first place, so I deserve that kind of response.

Carina said...

I was actually remembering your month-plus of hot yoga when I signed up!