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Friday, October 21, 2011


So... during miles 13-19 of the Chicago Marathon, I pretty much swore off marathon running. I mean, I think we've all done that in a race where we're struggling. But the thing is... I haven't really gotten the drive back yet, either.

I realize that it was just a bad day and that it's cool... I had no expectations so I wasn't upset or anything with my time. But... I guess I had just forgotten how awful running can actually be sometimes... ya know?

Anyway, I've got the Monkey Marathon coming up in November that I am VERY excited about. Just because it's so small and local. But, I think I've decided to NOT sign up for the 50 miler in December.

Experiencing a terrible race for almost 6 hours was enough to make me question my ability to handle 14 hours in December with multiple creek crossings to run a 50 mile trail race... I just don't think I'm mentally tough enough for that just yet.


Carina said...

What about focusing on speed for the first half of 2012? You seem to like track work, and I bet you can drop your 5k pr by several minutes. And serious 5k training as I understand it pretty much says you shouldn't ever run over about 6 miles at a time. It would give you a break, but keep you on your feet, add some focus and some fun. I usually do speed work all spring, looking for a 5k pr in April or May, and then move back to distance for a fall marathon (or 3).

LAPT said...

Ok, Nov 20th is your next marathon. Hot.

I have no races set after my half on Nov 13th. (Well, and a 5k in December, which doesn't count.) What do you have in mind?!? I like colder weather half PR was in early March.