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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gear Review: Moving Comfort Rebound Racer Sports Bra

Thanks for all the suggestions y'all!

A lot of you suggested the Moving Comfort brand, which I had been looking into anyway... and I ended up trying out the Rebound Racer:

Muscles, not included.

It had all the things I was looking for... support, racerback, adjustable straps... I ended up ordering it from (because I LOVE, #1 no sales tax for TN residents and #2 free shipping and with their distribution center in KY, I get my stuff the VERY NEXT DAY and #3 Awesome customer service).

Anyway, back to the sports bra. So, I received it last week and inspected it...

Ummm... upon first inspection. Not convinced. It looks kinda puny, eh?

I think I expected it to be made out of thick ass spandex and to have titanium rods in it or something. Ya know... like a NASA sports bra.

I put it on (no pictures, YOU'RE WELCOME) and was immediately like... okay... this feels too good to be supportive. It was tight, but light, and besides having to adjust the straps to the maximum tightness, it fit perfectly!

I kinda jumped around a little in it... wondering if it was going to be good enough on it's own to wear it out for a run. I was still skeptical, there was that part of my brain teasing me "put another bra on underneath it... you know you want to!!!..." but, I decided to give it a real chance.

So, I went outside and ran. And you guys, it was awesome!! Who knew that some flimsy, lightweight, comfortable sports bra can be supportive? I'm a total convert and am now going to order a whole bunch more (and ask for some for Christmas). Wayyyy more supportive than my double bra system (even with my old favorite bra).

The ONLY issue I see is that with the lightweight fabric... there's definitely going to be some umm... Nip moments. But, that's not enough of an issue with me to stop wearing this bra. Can't wait to wear it Sunday!

Moving Comfort Rebound Racer Sports Bra perfect for girls with medium sized boobs who are active and shit and are tired of wearing crappy, cheap, old, mangy sports bras.


Jill said...

Awesome Amy!! I am SO glad this worked out for you. I bought it in grey. The cups are padded so you should've have much "nip" now that it is 29 degrees in TN.

Also, wash in cold water, no fabric softener and line dry. They will last 6 months, then buy another one. Gross but I wear mine 3 days before I wash it.

Best bra ever. Now, lets hope Moving Comfort doesn't change it!!

Congrats on being a "one bra" convert!! Have fun Sunday!! I'll be out there with friends running trails while y'all are suffering.

Carina said...

The nip moments are the downside to any one bra system, and since I'm a one bra girl, I pretty much never order race photos, and when I post a pic on FB or something, I attempt my own version of cropping or photoshopping...

Beth said...

Moving comfort seriously makes the BEST sports bras. Glad you finally found something that works!

chacha said...

Yeah, the nip thing is an issue but I guess while running I could give two shits about it. At the office? Not so much (thus lined bras for every else but running).

I wonder what you are defining as "medium" - maybe I am then on the small end (32C?) because I just use regular target/old navy ones and they seem to be holding things in place. Though now I'm beginning to wonder if they really are and do I need more support.

Meredith said...

I want to know how badly it chafes where the straps meet the front of the bra. Looks like a high chafe point.

Gianna Blake said...

Liking the bra collection very much. I think sports bra and leggings are a perfect combination for summer workouts. Water resistant stuff and padded bras keep a good hold and workout is really very comfortable. Can be worn with yoga pants also. I am using underwire and non padded with tank tops for college also.