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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Race Pictures

It's funny. On Friday, I received an email from the company that would be doing the official race photos. They were trying to sell us all pictures of us at the race BEFORE the race at some kind of discount. I remarked how dumb this was, because.. really... there might not be ANY pics of you...

Or ya know, you could be wiping the sweat off your face, which turns out looking
like you're wiping the snot from your nose. And really.. who doesn't want
an 8x10 of that hanging up in their home or office?

Of all the photographers on the course... there were only 2 pics of me! Crazy!

Not interested in the sweat wiping pic?? Well, well... lucky for me, there's another pic available... of me with my freaking eyes closed!!!!! And a very, very fake smile.

Seriously? These were are the only two pics of me that they got. Thank god I didn't spend $45 on a cd with ALL my images from the race on them. Sheesh. Such a racket.

1 comment:

LAPT said...

Every race photo I have ever taken is atrocious. Even the ones in which I am smiling/waving...I end up looking manic. Soooo not good.

Also. I want to do the Bourbon Relay in 2012. Be my co-captain.