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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back on my feet.

It’s been awhile. It’s been awhile since I’ve been around the blogosphere for any consistent amount of time… (my mom even asked me if I had secretly started another blog and didn’t tell her! Rest assured… that is not the case)… and it’s been awhile since I’ve been consistently getting in some good mileage.

So, when I’m not running like crazy… I find it hard to blog. I mean, who wants to hear about yoga or trips to NYC or a crazy/hectic work schedule on a RUNNING blog? No one. That’s who.

So, I’ve been quiet. Quietly enjoying running 2-4 times a week leisurely with my running partners. Enjoying sleeping in on weekend mornings when I want. Enjoying cross training and remembering what it’s like to run for FUN instead of running compulsively.

It was an awesome hiatus. And it coincided perfectly with the weather… which hasn’t been particularly kind to wussy wind-hating runners like myself, this winter.

But the best part…. is that I’m getting the itch again. I’m getting the itch to start bumping up my mileage. And thats what i needed. To have the need come from within…

So, last week. I started kicking up the mileage. Steve and I agreed to bump our 4 mile runs on MWF into 5 mile runs (dude… this is a huge step for me. I got SUPER comfortable with the thought… “well, hell, it’s good enough that i’m out here consistently running, 4 miles is plenty). I wasn’t really running because I wanted to run, I was running because I wanted to burn calories. And… that is soooooo not as much fun.

So, we’ve been running 5 miles on MWF and I know I’m running slow as molasses (so slow, that I’m scared to wear my garmin because of the guilt I’ll feel looking down and realizing that I’m holding Steve back so much, pace-wise), but it’s been good. It’s been therapeutic. And fun!

And last week… I ran all 7 days!!!! For the first time in… awhile. And while I could definitely tell by the weekend that my ass was dragging. It felt good to spend time on the pavement this week. I ran about 35 miles this week! (Again… I realize.. this isn’t that much, especially considering I ran all 7 days. But, considering the fact that I’ve been doing good to crack the 20 mpw threshold… this is huge).

I’m going to keep it up… my favorite training run is coming up next month and I want to prepared to run all 21 miles of it.

So my hiatus seems to be over… hopefully.


Spike said...

Welcome back, we missed you! Trips to NYC are great, but so are easy 5 mile runs.

Laura said...

Just heard about your blog last night from Failed Muffins, and she RAVED about it... so I'm glad to see you're posting again! I live in NYC but am constantly traveling (to DC for work and various other places for fun), so I definitely understand that routine :) Let me know if you want any tips on where to go/run in NYC.