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Friday, January 7, 2011

Working out... at work???

About a week ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about push-ups. And he mentioned that he often cranks out various sets of push-ups at work, everyday. Really??? In your dress clothes, you just hop out of your chair and onto the floor and bust out 10-20 pushups a couple times a day, everyday? He assured me that he did.

Which got me thinking... I've got a good sized office (not bragging because my office is half storage room/half office) and I've got some floor space...

So, I came up with a little plan... 3 days a week, I'm going to do 4 sets of the following exercises throughout the day:
10 pushups
25 crunches
10 tricep dips
Chest/Shoulder stretch.

I emailed April about it... thinking that I was an absolute genius to come up with this idea all on my own... And I encouraged her to join me in the exercises (because she has a good sized office that is all HERS!).

And she responded:
sounds awesome!  i'm up for the challenge.  i actually sometimes do pushups or crunches or exercises with the band while at work.  i even have my pilates mat up here and have done that on my lunch a few times. 
W.T.F??? Am I the only person who never had a full scale exercise routine at work? Jeez... here I thought I was coming up with some brilliant way to squeeze in some extra toning during the day, but it turns out, I'm behind the game. I mean, April has her pilates mat in her office for chrissakes!!
So... anyway... I started this week and I actually really like it! I find that it kinda clears my head and gets the blood pumping. Plus, push-ups are the one exercise that I see mad results from really quick. So, if you're like me and never thought about mixing work and fitness.. I highly suggest it! (at least this first week, I'm loving it. Next week I might be back to sitting on my lazy ass all day).


Kelly said...

I know a few people who do that too...good luck! ;) I think it would be kind of weird for me to drop down and start cranking out push up between taking peoples orders! ;) Hehehe! But if I didn't work in a restaurant, I would totally join you on your challenge!

Tiffany said...

I nomally use my lunch hour to get in a nice run. Since I hate getting up early and have 2 kids this is about the only time I will commit to running. I love my mid-day runs. I look forward to the escape all morning and then I just feel great for getting in done in the afternoon,

LAPT said...

Last week I started the 6-week 100 pushup challenge! I've been doing them before lunch 3 days a week.

Troy said...

I work from home and still can't find the energy to work out.