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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Yup, it's only ummm... Day 3 of my training plan and I'm already making changes.

Not the kind of changes you're expecting (e.g. sleeping in and missing a run, or bailing early on a long run. But, never fear! There's still plenty of time for that!!). But changes in my actual race schedule.

So, here's the deal... My ORIGINAL plan was to run the Suntrust National Marathon at the end of March. No real reason why... except that DC is fairly cheap and quick and easy to get to. But then... I remembered a marathon in Knoxville which was the weekend after the DC one and... obviously a lot better logistically for me than DC.

So, I decided to run Knoxville.

Until Monday. When I found out about another marathon that is unbelievable cheap and logistically perfect.
Greenway Marathon.

The selling points:
$20 entry fee.
I can sleep the night before in my own bed.

The only problem.. it's a week before Knoxville. So, I'm training with a 12 week training schedule. Yikes 12 weeks to break 4 hours??? I've got some work ahead of me. I mean, a lot of work. I'm beginning to think that 12 weeks isn't enough time to get me into 3:59 shape. But, by damn, I'm going to give it my best shot!


April said...

Awesome! That's a hilly course, right?

Jim ... 50after40 said...

You can do it! Good luck!

Shannon said...


Tanya said...

....pssst...Hey the last Greenway Marathon there was beer and pizza at the finish line....

Melanie said...

$20!?! Maybe I need to do this... as training for something else.