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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Training... kinda.

So, technically, I was supposed to start training for the Knoxville Marathon the day after I got back from Mexico (Dec 13). However, my flights were delayed, there were no taxis at the airport for a good 30 minutes because there was snow on the roads and I didnt end up getting home till around 2:00am that Monday morning... The next day was also kinda snowy/icy, so I skipped it, too. Now, since then I've been good with the running. I've been running consistently, but I haven't exactly been following my very specific training plan.

Lately it seems like there's a huge difference between TRAINING and RUNNING for me. I mean, sure... they seem like they're the same thing and for my last 3-4 races, I've just been using running as training. But, to PR in Knoxville (nay, not just PR, but break 4 hours) I know I've got to TRAIN and not just run.

And truthfully, I'm excited about it! I'm excited to have specific runs planned with specific paces to hit. But, I guess not excited enough to actually start doing them yet. They look really fun on paper, though!!

Oh well.

I did get in a semi-long run this weekend (if you call 11.7 miles a long run, cough cough). But, I'm not worried. I'll get back on the training track very soon. (Literally, in fact). I'm going to re-adjust my training schedule to start fresh next week and I'm going to attempt to include getting back to some strength training routines (as easy as it was to convince my brain that running and yoga everyday is covering my strength training bases... my body has quickly convinced me that that's not the case. sigh).

If anyone has suggestions on a good calendar either online or a way to set one up in excel or something (My present one looks really kick ass in excel. (Have I mentioned before that excel is my bitch?) but, it's not really easily set up to accomodate cross-training, etc. It's less calendar-like and more agenda-looking). Main requirement is that I can print it out and hang it on my fridge and cross my workouts off when I skip them when I complete them!


Allie said...

I made a workout calendar in my Google account that's been super helpful... before that I used to just print a blank calendar online and write workouts in! Took forever now that I think about it...

Tanya said...

When is Knoxville? You can definitely break 4 hours with some speed/marathon pace work and more miles. I know nothing of excel or calendars, though.

Look how helpful I am!