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Friday, December 31, 2010


Personally, 2010 was the best year of my life, so far. I traveled, I met people, I found yoga, and most importantly, I am the happiest that I've ever been.

Running-wise 2010 was great, also. Probably not the best (as I only PRed in one distance this year: the oh so popular 4 mile race), but really good. I ran my first 50k and then my second... (all the while discovering a love of the trails), I ran 4 marathons, 3 of those within 5 weeks of each other, I captained NashMash through another Bourbon Chase, and I crossed one of my top 5 bucket list marathons off the list: Big Sur. Yes, it was a good year.

But, I fully expect for this good times train to keep rolling straight on through to 2011.

A couple of months ago, a friend and I planned our 2011 race calendars and compared them. And holy shit. You don't realize how busy you're going to be until you actually sit down and pencil it out.

My 2011 Racing Plans:

Feb 12: Cedars of Lebanon Half Marathon (PR attempt!)

Mar 12: Tom King Half Marathon (another PR attempt!)

April 3: Knoxville Marathon (Sub 4:00 attempt!)

May 1: Flying Pig- Cincinnati (may have to scratch this race, because might be on a family trip... to SCOTLAND)

May 7: Indianapolis Half Marathon (ugh, I think they call it a mini marathon).

May 21: Scenic City Trail Marathon- Chattanooga, TN

June 17-19: Mountain Stages Races, 3 days, 60 miles. Chattanooga, TN

Sept 10: Blue Ridge Relay! NashMash strikes again!

Oct 1: Stumpjump 50k- Chattanooga, TN

Oct 9: Chicago Marathon (running this with a friend as her first marathon)

Nov 20: Philadelphia Marathon (might substitute the Monkey, if need be).

Dec. 17: Lookout Mountain 50 miler!!!!!! Chattanooga, TN

Nothing pumps me up more than seeing a full race calendar!!!! 2011 is going to be the year of the PRs, I can feel it!

** I am currently visiting best friends in Virginia for NYE... where I will be gallivanting all over Monticello, running through the streets of Charlottesville, VA cutting my scheduled weekend long run of 16 miles short, I'm sure, and praying that the Gamecocks don't shit the bed for the 3rd year in a row in their bowl game. But, I'm wishing you all a very Happy and Safe New Year!


Beth said...

Rock on!! Looks like a great line up! I'll be at the Dome cheering on the 'Cocks for ya. Here's hoping it's a big win.

Icing on the cake? Clempson's losing to USF!!

Allie said...

That is a KILLER schedule!! Can't wait to see you tear it up. Would be fun to do a blogger meet-up in Chi-town!

Melanie said...

Wow, awesome schedule. Way better than mine that only has one race for sure so far, ha. I need to start planning.