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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Signs of a shitty run: before, during, and after...

1. Before you even step outside for said run, you realize you have about 10 minutes before you have to meet up with your running partner, so you decide not to waste such valuable time and cut up a pineapple you bought last week. Nice thinking, right? That is unless you proceed to eat about half of the pineapple as you cut it up because you have no self control whatsoever and dude... have you ever had fresh pineapple? That shit is da bomb.
2. It is 90 degrees outside. 90 DEGREES.
3. When getting dressed for the run, you forgo all your lightweight tech sleeveless tees because even though you know they'll be cooler, you feel really fat in them. Probably because of that half a pineapple you just gorged yourself on. So, instead of wearing something lightweight, you opt for your lucky cotton t-shirt.
3. As you're walking outside you realize that running after immediately gobbling up about 2 pounds worth of fresh pineapple is probably not going to bode well for you.
4. You start sweating just from standing still waiting for your garmin to find a satellite.
5. It's 90 degrees outside. 90 DEGREES.
6. All you can think about is how once you get to Athlete's House you can stop and get a sip of water. And then you get to Athlete's House and there is no water in site. Crikey!!
7. The one opportunity you have to call your running partner a pussy for wanting to stop early and you completely blow it, because the words... "turn around and go back" are the sweetest words you've ever heard and you jump at the opportunity to cut the run short.
8. Belmont Campus Security not only almost runs you over during a crosswalk with the pedestrian sign on, but also sounds it's alarm at you. Apparently, Belmont Security is more concerned with breaking the law, rather than upholding it. Jackasses.
9. Once back inside after the god awful run, you can't stop sweating for about 15 solid minutes. And the last thing you think you'll ever want is fresh pineapple. Gag.

Worst 3.5 miles ever.

Half Marathon Race Report to come...


Chris said...

I had this exact same run yesterday, minus the pineapple and rent-a-cops.

Matt said...

Fresh pineapple is the bomb, especially when it only costs 2.50 from Costco!


Melanie said...

I went out for 5 this afternoon. I haven't sweated that much in 6 months. I came home and just laid in the floor for a while. I'm glad to see winter leave, but I wasn't quite ready for summer.