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Monday, March 29, 2010

Not to jinx myself, but...

Ok... I almost fear saying this outloud (err... typing into a blog entry) because I am super super superstitious. But... I think, slowly but surely, I'm getting out of my running funk.

I think I've gotten back into my grandma routine of getting to bed early, dragging my ass out of bed instead of lying to myself that I'd run in the afternoon if I let myself sleep in, and eating healthy. I am a girl who likes her routines. It's good. Not great, yet. But good.

One thing that helped, I think, is I sat down with my calendar last week and tried to map out my running/racing schedule for the next few months... and... without saying too much... I found a race in the late fall that I'm simultaneously thrilled and scared out of my mind about. But, I'm not fully ready to divulge that one yet. Mainly because I fear a death pool/bracket emerging among my readers for that particular race and I don't think I'm ready to face that just yet.

So, here's my schedule... it's chop full of lots of goodies....

April 3 Oak Barrel Half Marathon-- Lynchburg, TN
April 25 Big Sur Marathon-- Big Sur, California
May 22 Scenic City Trail Marathon -- Chattanooga, TN
June 6 Pacing VandyMontana in the Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run-- Provo, UT
Oct 2 StumpJump 50k -- Chattanooga, TN
Oct 16 Nashville Ultra Marathon 50k or 60k-- Nashville, TN (training run for crazy late fall race).
Oct 22-23 Bourbon Chase -- Kentucky
Crazy late fall race to be announced when I stop being a wussy at a later date.
Nov 21 Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon -- Nashville, TN

Ahhhh... nothing like seeing a long list of upcoming race dates to make a girl happy.

Pretty bare June-Oct which is good... but, might try to throw in a marathon sometime in early-mid September. Will know more once the SEC finalizes their football schedule. Whiny Alabama.


Amy said...

Wow, I am feeling like a slacker ready your running to-do list. Makes me want to do some planning :)

runningwithsass said...

wow you have a ton of races coming up! sounds fun!