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Monday, August 31, 2009

In the Groove

Things are going very well with my training. Today begins week 5 and I still feel great! The only things I really need to increase are my cross training and strength workouts. Since Hal Higdon's Novice 2 training schedule only has me running 4 days a week, I have plenty of time to get those workouts in, but....I just don't. So sometimes I feel guilty about that...and another thing I feel guilty about is the fact that I'm only running 4 days a week! I know that its what I'm supposed to do according to my training plan, but I just feel like I'm slacking somehow. I guess if I did my cross training like I'm supposed to, it would help to fill that void. So my new plan is this:

Tuesday-Easy Run & Strength Training
Wednesday-Mid-length weekly Run
Thursday-Easy Run & Strength Training
Saturday-Long Run
Sunday-Cross Training & Strength Training

Really, Monday is supposed to be a rest day, but Pilates will be ok, don't you think? I'm not doing cardio, plus Pilates is great for running. I did it while training for my first marathon and after a few weeks, I felt so much stronger, leaner and smoother when I ran. It felt like my stride and my running form improved. I know that core workouts are all the rage right now, but there really is something to it.

So my long run of the weekend was 11 miles. I intended to do it on Saturday, but ended up sleeping in til 9:00, which is so late for me. Rather than head out for my run then, I decided to do it on Sunday instead. The weather was PERFECT so I really wanted to be out there early when it was nice and cool. Well, I just so happened to wake up 15 minutes before my alarm clock, at 4:45. I wanted to be up early to have a cup of coffee, some breakfast, relax and whatnot...and so I put the coffee on to brew and picked up a book and before you know it, I'm sound asleep again! I woke up for the second time that day at 6:30 and finally did get ready for my run. In typical April fashion, I goofed around (did the dishes, played with the dog, had TWO cups of coffee and watched some TV) until about 8:30. So much for getting out early!! And then, when I got to the park, I found that there was a triathlon going on so of course I had to watch that for a while. Fortunately the weather was wonderful the whole day, so my piddling around didn't result in any misery from the heat.

And so...11 miles down! Yay! You know, I really do love long runs. I think weekly long runs are what separates a runner from a jogger. A jogger might go out everyday and run a couple of miles, but a runner trains, has strategy and runs a longer distance at least once during the week. You know...I think that's a whole other blog post...


Spike said...

great job on the 11M, when you finally got to it that was! honestly, the part about doing dishes before going out on your run is hilarious. I'll ignore my dishes for three days just thinking about a long run.

Danielle in Iowa said...

I think Pilates is totally acceptable on a rest day! It's work but it's different. It's not pounding on your joints or anything...