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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's goin on.

Previously in Amy's Running...

Thursday AM: Regular Thursday morning run with Matt. 'Twas good. During the run, I bitched and moaned to Matt about how my runs have been so slow lately and that while I try not to let it get me down, it does. I mean... how can running 2 minutes per mile slower than you used to not depress the hell out of you? Right? I had to bail on the run before I got my regular 12 miles, but before we parted I asked him... "so, what was our pace today?" He responded: "between 8 and 9 minute miles." And then I joyfully skipped all the way home. (Okay, not really... I was having some stomach issues so I kind of ran/waddled/fast walked/sprinted home). But, HOT-DAMN. Apparently, I still have some speed in me... somewhere.

Thursday PM: My regular Thursday afternoon run with Anonymous Commenter (AC). As usual, I ran to meet him and as usual it was hot as shit. I spent the first half of the run bragging about my earlier speedy run and the second half I spent looking like a total jackass who falsely brags. I had to stop numerous times and take walk breaks. It wasn't my legs or lungs. It was my whole damn body. I just felt like I was running with the flu or something. Walk breaks?? Ugh. My ego was shattered. UNTIL, the end of the run. After the run, I must have looked as bad as I felt, because AC offered up some water. I had some and was starting to feel completely normal. We stood around and talked for awhile, and then it hit me... I started getting that tunnel vision, where in your periphery you start seeing black and it starts to creep around and slowly your entire line of vision starts to go to black. Not good. I couldn't even walk or run home. But... the good thing... the almost-heat stroke totally redeemed me! I didn't have to take walk breaks because I'm a pansy!!! I had to take walk breaks because I was about to pass OUT. Sweet.

Saturday: I met up with Matt & Melanie for the 11.2 at Percy Warner Park. I got there a little later than I had intended and only managed to get 4 miles in before I met up with them. The run was great. It was nice to have two people to talk to, basically Matt and I asked Melanie a bunch of questions about her Europe trip, so that we could just listen as we chugged up the hill (standard hazing). The only issue I had was that I got one of the worst side stitches I've ever had. And it was on the long downhill! WTF? Who gets a side stitch on the downhill???? Actually, I think I got it, because I was yapping at that point. I was torturing everyone by talking about watermelon, iced coffee, and orange soda (those were things I was craving, why not make everyone else crave it, too? See what a thoughtful running partner I am?)

Sunday: I REALLY wanted to get in a good long distance run. But my legs were not having it. I think I averaged about 11:30 miles. I went home after a measly 7 miler and laid around on the couch all day eating cherries and watching Weeds.

Monday: Legs still jacked up. Arg! I realized... running the 11.2 must seriously do a number on my legs. Sluggish, fatigue... general hatred of running.

Tuesday: Legs feeling a little better. Almost got eaten by a dog. Basically, your regular Tuesday morning run.

Here's hoping that Wednesday will bring some fresh feeling legs.


Vandy-Montana said...

gotsta run more hills to not be tired by more hills. That's what I'm doing! (well, not by choice, as either way I run from my house, there is a daunting hill)

Spike said...

hills are mean. sometimes they are mean face to face, sometimes they are mean a day after your confrontation.

runnerinsight said...

I must agree that hills can really sweat you out! nevertheless, one committed heart to running can definitely climb it all up! ; ) Goodluck on your future endeavors!

Jill said...

Yea, the first few times at PW really beat it outta you. Hang in there though, you'll learn to love it soon.

PS You ought to post your weekly mileage as a recap...I'm betting your are really putting the miles in. Would love to see what your progress is.

Melanie said...

I suppose everyone needs to be hazed on something like the PWP 11.2. I'll remember to pay it forward to anyone that I take on it for the first time in the future.