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Friday, July 17, 2009

Things I've learned while training for my 6th marathon.

1. I can get 750+ miles on my ASICS.
2. When I run 70 miles in a week, I will work that into conversation as many freaking times as I can. Bag boy at Harris Teeter? “Yes! You can take my groceries out for me, cause I ran 70 miles last week thankyouverymuch.”
3. Even after wearing a pair of running shorts probably 400 times (including during a marathon), they can still randomly go ninja on you one day and chafe the helloutofya, leaving you with a less than attractive red ring around your waist.
4. I can, in fact, get sick of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and the Black Keys.
5. Running a 20 mile training run is impossible for me to do solo.
6. Running 2-a-days makes me feel like a bad ass.
7. Running in 95 degree weather at 97% humidity makes an ice cold Budweiser taste like the nectar of the gods.
8. More protein, less carbs.
9. Marathon training is not necessarily made easier by drinking less. (Ha! I KNEW it!)
10. To lose weight, I have to omit two out of the three things in life that I get out of bed for in the morning: Sugar and Alcohol.
11. Hard liquor is better for dieting than beer.
12. Skipping track workouts makes me a happier person.
13. Being drunk and happy and a little overweight might in fact be better than being skinny, bitchy, and boring. (I’ll let you know, if once I’m ever actually skinny) (see #10).
14. The first month of training is always the honeymoon period. You’re fast and fresh.
15. The last month of training is always the worst. Your runs are shitty and slow.
16. Training is way more fun when you're training with someone who is running the same race as you.
17. I don't need gu or shot blox, just some gatorade and water.
18. Running in the the heat is 10x more exhausting than running in regular temperatures.
19. Everyone is faster than me.
20. I sweat more than any other human on earth.
21. Always throw a towel in my car for the ride home from a long run (see #19).
22. I can and will use the heat as an excuse for my slow ass runs as many times as I want.
23. Marathon training never gets old.


J said...

Very nice! Love it!

RunnerMom said...

I beg to differ on #19. I would love to be as fast as you!

You asked about taper-- it's 3 weeks. The weekday mileage stays the same the first week with a long run reduction from 20 to 16--54 total miles that week. The 2nd week has a reduction of week day miles, a long run of 10--28 total miles for the week. Race week is 6 miles easy, 2 at race pace, 3 easy, 3 easy, short jog, then race day.
They included carbohydrate loading the last 3 days before race.

I'm glad you did the high mileage program so I can see if it makes a difference like the coaches said it would! Your high mileage goes right along with what they taught us.

Was this a huge increase in mileage from your other marathon training plans? How many 20's did you do? You should theoretically PR in this marathon!!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

great list, way to go with the 70 mile weeks and twice a days. high miles made my last marathon faster.

actually looking forward to starting marathon training, once the heat breaks.

Spike said...

I know I complain about my temps, but "Running in 95 degree weather at 97% humidity." crap, you are crazy. I might sooner run circles in a basement than venture outside for that.

I also bring a pillow in case I'm too tired to drive after a long run.