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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello Humidity...

I can't say that it's nice to see you again, because it's not. But, since it has been awhile, I thought I'd say hello back. And... just to let you know: you're not going to have the best of me this summer. Nope. I'm going to use you to my advantage this summer. I'm not going to let you be my excuse to bag a long run half-way through or be happy to run 30 mile weeks. We are going to have to co-exist peacefully this summer. Sure, I'll let you have some control over my speed, but I'm not dropping down the quantity of miles because of you, or giving up speed and hill workouts. You see... deep down, I know that you could help me. I know that training while you're wreaking havoc outside everyday will just make me a stronger runner, I've just never had the cojones to actually try.

This is the summer, though. So, you'll have to look for someone new to bully out of their scheduled runs.

I'll see ya out there, Humidity.



Spike said...

yeah, I hate humidity too, always trying to push me around. This summer it is on humidity, so watch out!

J said...

I hate humidity too! Morning runs get along good with me because it usually is less humid but sometimes not! You never know!

RunnerMom said...

For some crazy reason I picked up running in June of '07. Who starts running in June in Tennessee? But it was only two or three miles at a time. Last summer I was doing 10-milers in the misery of July and August training for a half marathon. I learned a few things--slow down, wear a fuel belt, and Acclerade and hot-weather running don't mix. The heat and humidity kicked me around pretty badly on a couple of runs.

Good for you for not letting them bully you!

johnking said...

sweating is awesome at 7am....when you're not running.